Improver Roadmap, Part 3 of 3: The Impact of a Coach

Does everyone need a life coach? What is the real importance and impact of the right coach in the life of an Improver?
In today's episode we cover:
  • The difference between a coach and a mentor.
  • How a life or business coach can help you practically apply what is in your head and heart.
  • Why enlisting someone to identify your blind spots and hold you accountable consistently is vital for growth.
  • The way a good coach can help you discover hidden talents/strengths and push you out of your comfort zone.
  • The Coach's advantage: tools, techniques, tips that can be applied and adapted in real-time.
This episode concludes our 3-part series on the Improver Roadmap.  To get better and change your trajectory, you need to improve your:
  • Mind through the right Content
  • Heart in the right Community
  • Strength from the right Coach
Resources referenced:
Book: Permission to Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed
Person/Book: So You're New to Sales by Bryan Flanagan
Tool: 6 Types of Working Genius (Note: Justin Winstead is a Working Genius Certified Facilitator - reach out with questions or take assessment.)
Tool: Full Focus Planner
Person: Justin Winstead, The Improver Coach
Company: Improver Network

Improver Roadmap, Part 3 of 3: The Impact of a Coach
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