Perspective & Vision - Interview w/Jay Owen

Get to know Jay Owen - founder & CEO of Business Builders, author of Building a Business that Lasts Without Sacrificing Family.

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00:00:30 Justin Winstead

All right, welcome to the Improver Network podcast.

00:00:34 Justin Winstead

I am Justin Winstead, your host, and I have an extremely special guest joining us today.

00:00:40 Justin Winstead

His name is Jay Owen welcome Jay to the podcast.

00:00:45 Jay Owen

Hey Justin, thanks for having me.

00:00:46 Justin Winstead

Man so pumped up to have you on here.

00:00:49 Justin Winstead

You and I met a few years ago and it's been really neat continuing to connect with you year over year and just see the different journeys that we've been on professionally and personally.

00:00:59 Justin Winstead

We share a lot in common, but we're also different enough that we see things from different angles and perspectives and.

00:01:06 Justin Winstead

Always appreciated being able to connect with you, whether it be at conferences or through things like this.

00:01:10 Justin Winstead

It's been awesome so really glad to have you home.

00:01:14 Jay Owen

I'm sure glad to.

00:01:14 Jay Owen

Be here.

00:01:15 Justin Winstead

Yeah, and so today I definitely got a topic that we're going to be getting into and really excited to hear your ideas and your angle on it.

00:01:22 Justin Winstead

But first, I know you will, but all of our people don't, so I want them to get to know you a little bit.

00:01:27 Justin Winstead

So just to start out with, don't you just tell us a little bit about yourself, as little or as much as you want to personal life into our professional life?

00:01:36 Jay Owen

Well, you know I would say that you know building business can be really hard work and an overwhelming over time I've had the opportunity to work on the same business for a very long time.

00:01:46 Jay Owen

So I started the business that I run today when I was 17 years old, which as of the recording of this podcast was about 23 years ago and we've grown every year.

00:01:56 Jay Owen

Since the beginning, where our focus is pretty simple, we help other people grow their businesses, which is an exciting mission because we're helping all kind of people accomplish their vision and mission and purpose.

00:02:09 Jay Owen

And the way that we do that is by helping them get attention and acquire customers.

00:02:13 Jay Owen

I always say marketing can be confusing and expensive.

00:02:16 Jay Owen

We make it clear and effective so you can get attention and acquire customers.

00:02:20 Jay Owen

So we do that by planning messaging and strategy.

00:02:23 Jay Owen

Producing things like websites and videos and then promoting them through things like social media and Google.

00:02:29 Jay Owen

And painted ads and SCO and all the other things.

00:02:32 Jay Owen

But that's all I've ever done on the business side.

00:02:35 Jay Owen

And then on the personal side along.

00:02:37 Jay Owen

The way I always.

00:02:38 Jay Owen

Say that there's more to life than just work and I love to work.

00:02:41 Jay Owen

I I am fortunate to get to do a lot of work that I'm really passionate about, but I'm even more passionate about my family.

00:02:47 Jay Owen

So I've got five kids who right now range in age from 9 to 17.

00:02:53 Jay Owen

Just drop the three boys off this morning actually to go to summer camp, which is kind of fun and I'm I'm married to my wife, Claire for 19 years.

00:03:02 Jay Owen

And so next year is the Big 20.

00:03:03 Jay Owen

Which is kind of fun.

00:03:05 Jay Owen

And so along the way, you know that's my desire is to build a great business that empowers other people to live out their dreams and build a great family along the way that enjoys decades of lifelong memories.

00:03:18 Justin Winstead

Man, that is fantastic.

00:03:20 Justin Winstead

So you already have your trip plan for the 20th, yet you know a lot of us other people.

00:03:24 Justin Winstead

We travel to your home state of Florida for things like that, but you already.

00:03:27 Justin Winstead

Live in Florida.

00:03:28 Justin Winstead

So do you know where you're going yet?

00:03:30 Jay Owen

Yeah, we do get to live.

00:03:31 Jay Owen

In a beautiful place.

00:03:32 Jay Owen

It does get pretty hot this time of year.

00:03:33 Jay Owen

But other than that, it's it's great.

00:03:36 Jay Owen

We're not sure yet.

00:03:37 Jay Owen

We're still not talking about it.

00:03:38 Jay Owen

We might do Hawaii.

00:03:39 Jay Owen

We've not done Hawaii yet.

00:03:40 Jay Owen

It's one of the few states I've been to.

00:03:42 Jay Owen

It's hard about.

00:03:44 Jay Owen

Hawaii is like we have so many great Caribbean islands that are like an hour and a half plane ride and I never was bigger and all.

00:03:50 Jay Owen

That, but I.

00:03:51 Jay Owen

Don't know we might.

00:03:52 Jay Owen

We might do that.

00:03:54 Jay Owen

We're still figuring out.

00:03:55 Justin Winstead

Yeah, that's a lot of fun.

00:03:57 Justin Winstead

Well, we will not.

00:03:58 Justin Winstead

It won't be an anniversary trip, but we'll like should be in your neck of the woods next week.

00:04:02 Justin Winstead

We're going to be traveling out to Destin and out of Miramar Beach and hanging out there for a few days.

00:04:08 Justin Winstead

But then we're serving with a group called Lighthouse Family retreats.

00:04:11 Justin Winstead

I don't.

00:04:12 Justin Winstead

So if you've ever heard of those, but they're really neat, they do a ton of weeklong retreats there in Florida, and they take families who have a kid that's going through.

00:04:21 Justin Winstead

Like a terminal illness or a cancer of some tight and they give them a free beach retreat just to go and be a family.

00:04:27 Justin Winstead

Because these families are so caught up in all the medical such their families like ours.

00:04:32 Justin Winstead

And we pay a little bit of extra to stay there, and then we serve them that we can.

00:04:35 Justin Winstead

That's how they can afford.

00:04:36 Justin Winstead

To do it for free so it'll be a really neat week.

00:04:39 Justin Winstead

It's it's great for our listeners out there.

00:04:41 Justin Winstead

One of these I encourage you to do is take those fine anniversary and family trips that are just pure enjoyment.

00:04:46 Justin Winstead

Slow the RPMS down and enjoy life, but also if you have the opportunity to take additional trips that include you know mission or I know you and your family, you guys.

00:04:56 Justin Winstead

Have served and then lots of different mission trips and things like that too.

00:04:59 Justin Winstead

I think that's that's really rewarding as well, so.

00:05:03 Justin Winstead

That's fun stuff, man.

00:05:04 Justin Winstead

Well, tell me something good like just tell me something good that's happened lately.

00:05:08 Justin Winstead

Something you're grateful for something that positive that's just going on in the life of jail.

00:05:15 Jay Owen

You know, just this morning I was reviewing our weekly reports from our team here at the agency.

00:05:21 Jay Owen

We get those.

00:05:21 Jay Owen

I get those every Monday. It pops in my inbox and kind of gives a status on where people are at. It's kind of a green, yellow, red :) to sad face on on.

00:05:31 Jay Owen

Uhm, their workload, their stress and the morale.

00:05:35 Jay Owen

And it's just been green for quite a while.

00:05:37 Jay Owen

We had an awesome company retreat just a couple of weeks ago.

00:05:41 Jay Owen

Got to take our whole team except for a couple who were.

00:05:44 Jay Owen

Out on maternity.

00:05:44 Jay Owen

Leave and their spouses and an awesome trip up to Lakeland year up in Georgia and you know, I just feel like I've been through many years of difficult team stress.

00:05:55 Jay Owen

And I'm seeing lots of other people go through a lot of that right now.

00:05:58 Jay Owen

'cause this is a tough time.

00:06:00 Jay Owen

You know people.

00:06:00 Jay Owen

Are losing team members a lot of turnover?

00:06:03 Jay Owen

All these kinds of things, and we've just been really blessed to not have that.

00:06:07 Jay Owen

And I'm wildly thankful for it, and it's really good to just have a team where I walk in and like.

00:06:12 Jay Owen

Man, I love being with these people.

00:06:13 Jay Owen

It's fun, we get great work done and.

00:06:16 Jay Owen

That's a big win.

00:06:17 Justin Winstead

Man, that's also you've probably had some times in your past where there was maybe some yellows and Reds on that weekly or not, all greens, right?


Oh yeah, plenty plenty of.

00:06:25 Jay Owen

Seasons of those things, and you know, and those are just opportunities to get better.

00:06:29 Jay Owen

You just look at it and go right.

00:06:30 Jay Owen

Let's sit down and talk about it and figure out how we fix.

00:06:33 Jay Owen

And you build.

00:06:33 Jay Owen

A high level of trust and thankfully, right now we're in a season of green, so you got to enjoy the.

00:06:38 Jay Owen

Mountain tops where they last.

00:06:39 Justin Winstead

Man, that's right.

00:06:41 Justin Winstead

So so that in especially if people like me and you who we love to always push it to the next level, you know we've got a thing called the Approver network.

00:06:46 Adam Harvell

That's right.

00:06:48 Justin Winstead

Always improving and so it's, uh, this.


That's right, that's right.

00:06:50 Justin Winstead

One to say, oh man, we got green today.

00:06:52 Justin Winstead

I'm just going to enjoy the green so be thankful for that that's.

00:06:56 Justin Winstead

That's fantastic.

00:06:57 Justin Winstead

We were actually talking about before we jumped on with the recording about how to be content, but not be complacent.

00:07:02 Justin Winstead

And yeah, that's part of it is you gotta be able to look at those grades and say, you know we're not complacent but we're just going to be content and how good the teams doing right now so.

00:07:10 Justin Winstead

That's fantastic, I celebrate that, yeah.

00:07:11 Jay Owen

Yeah, that's a.

00:07:12 Jay Owen

That's an interesting point.

00:07:13 Jay Owen

'cause I think about that a lot and I always say that I'm I'm the least comfortable when I'm the most comfortable and what I mean by that is when the most comfortable start to look around and feel like there's something wrong and I've had to learn like I think I think people fall off opposite sides of the spectrum that, but for me I've had to learn that level of contentment going out.

00:07:30 Jay Owen

I'm just going.

00:07:31 Jay Owen

To enjoy today I'm going to rest in this and I think for a lot of.

00:07:34 Jay Owen

Entrepreneurs, that's hard.

00:07:35 Jay Owen

To do 'cause, it's like all we gotta.

00:07:37 Jay Owen

Go to the.

00:07:37 Jay Owen

Next thing and I mean.

00:07:39 Jay Owen

Sometimes we need to just be able to enjoy where.

00:07:42 Jay Owen

How far we've come and look to where we're going both both can be true at the same time.

00:07:47 Justin Winstead

Yeah, it makes me think about the creation story in Genesis, and you know each day God makes some things and creates and then he looks back and.

00:07:55 Justin Winstead

He says this is good.

00:07:56 Justin Winstead

Good and there's a period, but it's not a final period 'cause the very next day he goes and he creates again and says it's good, but yet he continues to create even though he continues to celebrate the goodness there.

00:08:09 Justin Winstead

And I think that's kind of how we're supposed to have seasons of our life on a regular basis where we look around and go.

00:08:15 Justin Winstead

You know what?

00:08:15 Justin Winstead

This is really good?

00:08:17 Justin Winstead

Going to rest in that for a moment, put a period there, but it's not the file period like I still gotta.

00:08:21 Justin Winstead

Let's go and let's add to it and make it better.

00:08:23 Jay Owen

Well, you know it's crazy.

00:08:25 Jay Owen

About that particular story in Genesis as well is, there's a great podcast called The Bema Podcast Bmap and and the first episode that talks about the story of Genesis.

00:08:36 Jay Owen

And it's basically an exposition of understanding genesis as a poem, which it is.

00:08:41 Jay Owen

It's a.

00:08:41 Jay Owen

It's a Hebrew poem and the purpose, the primary purpose of the very first chapter Genesis, was to teach the Israelites how to rest because their value as a people, that they were slaves to the Egyptians, that their value as a people was purely based on.

00:08:57 Jay Owen

How many bricks they could make in the week and they made as many of them as they could from the time they woke up at the time they went to bed and that was their value as a human being and since the beginning of genus Genesis, one of the primary purposes of Genesis is to teach rest.

00:09:10 Jay Owen

That podcast is a fascinating exposition.

00:09:12 Jay Owen

So that just one little tidbit from 'cause it's.

00:09:15 Jay Owen

So interesting to.

00:09:16 Jay Owen

Me is in that chapter Genesis.

00:09:18 Jay Owen

It talks about when he goes from day to night.

00:09:21 Jay Owen

He actually does the opposite.

00:09:22 Jay Owen

We would do.

00:09:23 Jay Owen

We would say day and night, but if you go look at Genesis it says then there was night and then there was day and so the idea and even even even there like.

00:09:33 Jay Owen

After he created man in Genesis from the in the poem the next day after man was created was.

00:09:39 Jay Owen

Best and so people were created into a place of rest.

00:09:43 Jay Owen

They work from rest, not work to earn rest.

00:09:46 Jay Owen

And that's just I mean that's a whole other.

00:09:48 Jay Owen

Podcast, But that's a fascinating thing to me.

00:09:50 Justin Winstead

Well, that one.

00:09:50 Justin Winstead

Man, that is fantastic and you said the name.

00:09:53 Justin Winstead

Of that was FEMA.

00:09:54 Jay Owen

Yeah BMAA I'm.

00:09:55 Jay Owen

Probably pronouncing it right but exclusive.

00:09:56 Justin Winstead

That's right, let's go yeah, we.

00:09:58 Justin Winstead

So one thing we like to do for our listeners is we will list any resources that we've referenced in the podcast that where they can go and.

00:10:04 Justin Winstead

Do that later.

00:10:05 Justin Winstead

We'll try to look that one up and.

00:10:06 Justin Winstead

And yeah, that's fine, man.

00:10:07 Justin Winstead

Well, hey, I know that you are around a lot of authors and you go to conferences and you know you're studying.

00:10:12 Justin Winstead

You're always growing, always reading, so you've got a lot of books.

00:10:15 Justin Winstead

Probably upstairs in your mind there, but if you had to write one yourself tomorrow so they said, hey, you know what?

00:10:21 Justin Winstead

In order for you.

00:10:21 Justin Winstead

To continue to live, you got to write.

00:10:23 Justin Winstead

A book, what would your book be about?

00:10:26 Justin Winstead

You know one of.

00:10:27 Jay Owen

My favorite chapters from the book that I did right, so I wrote a book called.

00:10:31 Jay Owen

Building a business that lasts.

00:10:33 Jay Owen

And the subtitle of that book is, without sacrificing family.

00:10:36 Jay Owen

And I found that the chapter that was the longest and the easiest to write was the chapter that I called the work life blender, and I think if I were writing a book which I'm actually kind of working on, some what had been a big priority, it would be.

00:10:51 Jay Owen

About that it would be.

00:10:53 Jay Owen

How do we blend?

00:10:54 Jay Owen

I think balance is the wrong word.

00:10:55 Jay Owen

I don't like that word.

00:10:57 Jay Owen

I don't think it's always about balance.

00:10:59 Jay Owen

Uhm, but I think that.

00:11:02 Jay Owen

That's the thing people are struggling with, especially in our, you know, American Society of like.

00:11:07 Jay Owen

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps like hustle, hustle, hustle and I see many people.

00:11:14 Jay Owen

Uhm, sacrificing their friendships, their families and their marriages at the altar of business.

00:11:20 Jay Owen

And I don't want to do that.

00:11:21 Jay Owen

And so that that's something I'm really passionate about, it means a.

00:11:24 Jay Owen

Lot to me that.

00:11:26 Jay Owen

That's what my next book would be about.

00:11:28 Justin Winstead

Man, that would be really interesting and I've had a similar conviction to you in that regard in the sense.

00:11:33 Justin Winstead

But whenever I was starting my business, I was kind of told us all about the hustle.

00:11:37 Justin Winstead

It's all about how many hours you're putting in.

00:11:40 Justin Winstead

I can remember one guy told me you know about this speaker who was sleep is for suckers is what his whole theme was and it was like you can't sleep.

00:11:47 Justin Winstead

You just gotta go and I did that for a while and it was running my marriage into the ground it.

00:11:52 Justin Winstead

Was creating family issues.

00:11:53 Justin Winstead

I was having health issues and it was until I realized that wait there is and like you said, balance is a challenging word.

00:11:59 Justin Winstead

I think if you think of balance as being a stable spot where everything is like even keel and there's no shakiness at all, I think you're under.

00:12:07 Justin Winstead

Bad conception there, but I think if you think of balances counterbalance where it's kind of like oh you kind of go here for a little bit of CS at a time.

00:12:14 Justin Winstead

But then it locks back and you have to go over and put emphasis there.

00:12:17 Justin Winstead

So you're kind of creating this balance almost like being on the waves on the water, right?

00:12:22 Jay Owen

Yeah, and I always say like you know, a lot of it is about communication and relationships.

00:12:26 Jay Owen

You know the the greatest single.

00:12:28 Jay Owen

Calls of all.

00:12:28 Jay Owen

Relationships failing, whether it's clients or friends or colleagues or marriages, is misplaced expectations.

00:12:35 Jay Owen

I expect this and you expect that, and those two things are too far apart when we have a real problem and and communication is the bridge.

00:12:42 Jay Owen

That connects expectations.

00:12:45 Jay Owen

Communication is the bridge that connects expectations.

00:12:47 Jay Owen

In fact, just last night my wife and I were sitting down just kind of glanced through our calendars while also watching some TV while we also had a bunch of kids spinning out of our house, 'cause we were, I was waking up early to take them all to youth camp this morning and she just kind.

00:13:01 Jay Owen

Of looked at me and she goes the next couple of months are going to be a busy season.

00:13:05 Jay Owen

And I was like.

00:13:06 Jay Owen

Yes they are.

00:13:07 Jay Owen

And she's like we just got to press through it and like, yes we do and and we both know that like the next couple of months are going to be a time where we're just going to have to hunker down and get it done, and there's a lot of elements going on in our lives.

00:13:19 Jay Owen

Right now we have.

00:13:20 Jay Owen

Kids at pivotal ages and, and we're OK.

00:13:23 Jay Owen

With that, you know.

00:13:24 Jay Owen

But we've communicated that.

00:13:25 Jay Owen

We understand it.

00:13:26 Jay Owen

The expectation is there, and so you know when a little freak time comes up, we'll actually be surprised and delighted by that.

00:13:33 Jay Owen

Not not.

00:13:34 Jay Owen

Upset then we don't.

00:13:35 Jay Owen

Have much of it you know.

00:13:37 Jay Owen

And we also know that there going to come a season very, very soon where all of a sudden these five children are just going to fly away and not be in.

00:13:44 Jay Owen

Our home anymore, Lord Willing and.

00:13:47 Jay Owen

And then what you know?

00:13:50 Jay Owen

And so we're going to have a lot more free time later, probably.

00:13:54 Jay Owen

And so right now it's a different season.

00:13:55 Jay Owen

And businesses like this too.

00:13:56 Jay Owen

You know, like sometimes you do have to like hustle.

00:14:00 Jay Owen

Sometimes you do have to like work from the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep.

00:14:04 Jay Owen

And especially you're just trying to start something fresh for sure, that's that's.

00:14:08 Jay Owen

Normal, but it can't stay like that when it stays like that.

00:14:10 Jay Owen

That's when people get themselves in trouble and you don't communicate about it, especially with people that you say are the most important in your life.

00:14:17 Jay Owen

That that's when there's real problems.

00:14:19 Justin Winstead

Yeah man, that's that's some powerful words there and sometimes just stating the obvious.

00:14:24 Justin Winstead

There's a it needs to be done like you said, that really wasn't neither of you surprised the other person with the statements.

00:14:30 Justin Winstead

As far as like it's there, but acknowledging it does something.

00:14:33 Justin Winstead

Not like saying please and thank you and I love you like OK this can be obvious things that you know but you.

00:14:38 Justin Winstead

Just need to say it.

00:14:39 Jay Owen

That's right, that's right.

00:14:40 Adam Harvell

So so tell.

00:14:41 Justin Winstead

Me about one or two influential people in your life and how they impacted you, and I'm guessing that's going to be a challenge 'cause I know that you'd love to learn from.

00:14:48 Justin Winstead

Other people and you know, go to conferences and follow speakers.

00:14:53 Justin Winstead

But if you can narrow it down to one or two who who kind of surfaces through the top four, yeah.

00:14:58 Jay Owen

Man, there just have been so many.

00:15:01 Jay Owen

In fact side tangent, I was telling the other day and this is going to offend a lot of my conservative friends who are listening potentially.

00:15:06 Jay Owen

But it's OK you.

00:15:07 Jay Owen

Can be offended.

00:15:08 Jay Owen

I was thinking about this the other day.

00:15:09 Jay Owen

Remember when?

00:15:10 Jay Owen

Barack Obama pist off a lot of entrepreneurs.

00:15:12 Jay Owen

By saying you didn't build this.

00:15:14 Justin Winstead

Right, right?

00:15:16 Jay Owen

And when he said that I was like.

00:15:19 Jay Owen

I had some very things to say.

00:15:21 Jay Owen

That would require this to be an explicit.

00:15:22 Jay Owen

Podcast you know and.

00:15:25 Jay Owen

And I was angry because I thought, well, you don't know like I have worked my whole life from the time I was a kid to where I am today like I have, I have burnt so much energy at.

00:15:35 Jay Owen

Times I saw other.

00:15:36 Jay Owen

People just fooling around like I did build this.

00:15:40 Jay Owen

And then.

00:15:42 Jay Owen

I kind of stopped and thought.

00:15:46 Jay Owen

I think the.

00:15:46 Jay Owen

Heart of what he was trying to get to.

00:15:48 Jay Owen

Although he did it very UN empathetically towards a community that really does work really hard was if we really think about it.

00:15:56 Jay Owen

Through your question, all of us have had people, either people we personally know, or people that we just aspire to be, or aspirational and identity that have impacted us.

00:16:06 Jay Owen

And without whom we wouldn't be.

00:16:08 Jay Owen

Who we are and our.

00:16:08 Jay Owen

Businesses wouldn't be where they are.

00:16:11 Jay Owen

And for me a couple come to mind.

00:16:12 Jay Owen

Mean early on in my business life really as a kid.

00:16:15 Jay Owen

As a teenager my uncle was a huge impact for me.

00:16:17 Jay Owen

He ran his.

00:16:18 Jay Owen

Own insurance business and.

00:16:21 Jay Owen

He did it for years.

00:16:21 Jay Owen

Fact he just sold it recently and there was a time where I was going to take over his business and the vision was at some point he would fade out which is literally happening right now and I would fade in and I would become the new open and associates and that was the plan and it it probably would have worked really well and I'd have made a lot of money but.

00:16:40 Jay Owen

Yeah no.

00:16:41 Jay Owen

I married the right woman one day.

00:16:42 Jay Owen

That's probably the second most influential person to contain.

00:16:44 Jay Owen

Answer your question.

00:16:45 Jay Owen

In a very long way.

00:16:47 Jay Owen

Is that I came home one day and my wife was sitting on the couch and I sat next and I was crying because I'm a crier and she said what's wrong and I said, well.

00:16:56 Jay Owen

Well, I could do this job.

00:16:57 Jay Owen

With my uncle in the insurance business.

00:17:00 Jay Owen

And I probably make a lot of money.

00:17:01 Jay Owen

At it, but I think I'm going to hate it.

00:17:03 Jay Owen

The rest of my life.

00:17:04 Jay Owen

And she said, still quit and do what you love.

00:17:07 Jay Owen

And I did next day when sat down my uncle and I cried.

00:17:11 Jay Owen

'cause I'm crier.

00:17:11 Jay Owen

And I told him I said I love you, and I've learned so much from you.

00:17:16 Jay Owen

This is not.

00:17:16 Jay Owen

What I made for her and made for something different and I just know it in my gut, you know?

00:17:20 Jay Owen

And at that point my business was maybe making $30,000 in total revenue maybe, and we'll do, you know, three and a half million this year and and.

00:17:33 Jay Owen

He but he.

00:17:35 Jay Owen

But but along with that season he gave me so much influence in advice and counsel.

00:17:40 Jay Owen

Things I say all the time, if you're around me enough, you'll hear me say things like, well, my own cars used to say you want to grow a great business over time to just do a great job for somebody to ask him to tell somebody else should never run out of business like I have all kinds of sayings like that that are implanted in me.

00:17:52 Jay Owen

Those little rolling Liars that had huge.

00:17:54 Jay Owen

Impact on me and then my.

00:17:55 Jay Owen

Wife she believed in me.

00:17:56 Jay Owen

When I don't believe in myself as far as like bigger aspirational people, the first two that popped to mind or somebody like Dave Ramsey and Michael Hyatt both actually very different personality styles.

00:18:08 Jay Owen

But I love so much about what each of them bring as far as the true aspiration Michael.

00:18:12 Jay Owen

Hi, it's probably a closer match to where I want to be when I'm his age, but both those guys just for massive impacts.

00:18:19 Jay Owen

For for how I think about business in life.

00:18:23 Justin Winstead

Yeah, and thank shared and you.

00:18:24 Justin Winstead

Kind of hit it this a little bit, but I was curious.

00:18:27 Justin Winstead

On how you.

00:18:27 Justin Winstead

Got into the marketing and the website building and those side note talk about different personalities.

00:18:33 Justin Winstead

The the fact that you guys can go in and and create things from scratch and then you're dealing with all the technical stuff and every time somebody says I see oh like you did earlier.

00:18:41 Justin Winstead

Just kind of twitch a little bit.

00:18:43 Justin Winstead

Like I just, I'm amazed.

00:18:44 Justin Winstead

I love that you guys can do that.

00:18:46 Justin Winstead

It's it's amazing, but how did you get into that?

00:18:49 Justin Winstead

And then you've also had another recent transition where you're still doing that, but you're doing something else too, so I'm just talking to listeners a little bit about these transitions and how you found yourself in what you're doing professionally.

00:19:00 Jay Owen

For sure, I mean, you know the early years.

00:19:02 Jay Owen

It was really just about me being a nerd, which I was in price to lamb really at the core I just faked being like a professional on stage, you know, nursing professional looking maybe.

00:19:11 Jay Owen

Bill Gates is super rich, you know.

00:19:14 Jay Owen

And so I just love technology and so things like code and websites and all that kind of stuff you can do with computers really in technology I love.

00:19:23 Jay Owen

Moved so radar member. I was probably 11-12 years old and I was reading on a bulletin board service but we need to dial into the Internet and there wasn't really a woman out like we know it today and there was this bulletin board posts and said coming soon.

00:19:35 Jay Owen

The World Wide Web, you know, just typing in the address, it's going to go to a page with a dial in anymore if all.

00:19:40 Jay Owen

This is going to be something you know and that really.

00:19:43 Jay Owen

Hates me when I say that tell these.

00:19:44 Jay Owen

Stories now.

00:19:45 Jay Owen

But and then AOL came around.

00:19:47 Jay Owen

You know, that was like the big thing for accessing the Internet.

00:19:50 Jay Owen

You had to still wait for the dial up modem.

00:19:51 Jay Owen

And I started building websites and so.

00:19:54 Jay Owen

You know, I I built my website first website when I was 12 and just kind of kept growing from there.

00:19:59 Jay Owen

I got an internship with a company in Jacksonville when I was 16, which is the first time I've ever had a boss and the first time I had one for 20 plus years.

00:20:07 Jay Owen

Until recently I'll transition to 2nd and then I realized with a buddy in high school we could probably make a lot more money doing this.

00:20:14 Jay Owen

Ourselves then what if we were getting paid on the internship, which was great.

00:20:17 Jay Owen

It was much better than getting paid to bagging groceries.

00:20:20 Jay Owen

Nothing bad groceries and so certain websites.

00:20:25 Jay Owen

And that was the beginning.

00:20:26 Jay Owen

You know, it started with just basic, really horrible websites.

00:20:30 Jay Owen

To be honest compared to.

00:20:31 Jay Owen

What we build today.

00:20:32 Jay Owen

And then over time we just looked at the clients and thought what problems do they have and how can we help them solve them?

00:20:38 Jay Owen

Didn't think about it that clearly.

00:20:40 Jay Owen

Back then, but that's how we think about it now and just started adding one service to another to complement the existing offerings to provide more value for somebody so that they would pay us more in return.

00:20:52 Jay Owen

And, and that's really how the business has grown year over year for 23 years in a row.

00:20:57 Jay Owen

And then last year when we changed our company name after 22 years from design extensions to business Builder, which is a big change, I made one of the guys on my team who did me for 11 years.

00:21:09 Jay Owen

The President of.

00:21:10 Jay Owen

The company and a.

00:21:12 Jay Owen

Couple months out of that.

00:21:13 Jay Owen

After that I got a call from the Executive director or executive pastor.

00:21:17 Jay Owen

I should say at the.

00:21:18 Jay Owen

The church that my wife and I attend.

00:21:20 Jay Owen

I will get into the whole ministry background, but I thought for a long time many part of the work I was supposed to do should be in ministry.

00:21:26 Jay Owen

I left the business, can be can be and is a.

00:21:28 Jay Owen

Ministry as well for sure, UM?

00:21:31 Jay Owen

And one of the things I.

00:21:33 Jay Owen

Do another and I just felt like got it.

00:21:34 Jay Owen

Open the door for me to help this church.

00:21:37 Jay Owen

And it's a pretty large church. I mean in person for Easter we had about almost 30,000 people, so it's it's a big big organization.

00:21:45 Jay Owen

But he needed help in things that I have giftings and experienced in communication and websites and apps and social media and.

00:21:52 Jay Owen

Messaging and all these things.

00:21:54 Jay Owen

And so I decided to take second job which is legitimately crazy.

00:21:59 Jay Owen

My team thought I was crazy at the beginning of the year.

00:22:01 Jay Owen

There was certainly some fear to overcome of like Nancy, leaving like what's going on here.

00:22:05 Jay Owen

This is crazy, but man, I just believe like sometimes God opens a door and it's just so apparent that that's what you're supposed to do.

00:22:13 Jay Owen

Then you should just do it and it'll be fine like and we're fine.

00:22:18 Jay Owen

We're now six months into me doing this and it's created so much opportunity because the team has.

00:22:23 Jay Owen

It's just a chance to figure things out without me always being there, and that's been fun.

00:22:29 Jay Owen

We've been working on for years anyway, it's not new.

00:22:31 Jay Owen

But that's a that's a great gift because I my greatest desire is to build a team of leaders, managers, and strategists.



00:22:39 Jay Owen

Who have great.

00:22:41 Jay Owen

Opportunity their own to grow and thrive.

00:22:44 Jay Owen

Uhm, I don't just want employees, you know well.

00:22:47 Jay Owen

People who start to outpace me at some point, and.

00:22:50 Jay Owen

Uhm, that's the dream.

00:22:52 Jay Owen

It's to create an environment.

00:22:53 Jay Owen

Where other people?

00:22:54 Jay Owen

Have the the the freedom the money.

00:22:56 Jay Owen

And the purpose?

00:22:57 Jay Owen

But I've always wanted to create for myself.

00:23:00 Justin Winstead

Man, that is wonderful and I love the way you talk about your team and just the vision there.

00:23:04 Justin Winstead

That's it's really.

00:23:05 Justin Winstead

Powerful stuff there.

00:23:07 Justin Winstead

So on the marketing side I mean you kind of hand it this little bit.

00:23:10 Justin Winstead

You compared yourself now, to which you wear back then on.

00:23:13 Justin Winstead

Build a rudimentary sites, so stick figures and now you've.

00:23:16 Justin Winstead

Got them you.

00:23:18 Justin Winstead

Know wonderful or creative sites, but what's something that you feel like?

00:23:21 Justin Winstead

Man, they're at business builders.

00:23:23 Justin Winstead

Your team has just got a better method for.

00:23:25 Justin Winstead

Or they've kind of got a little secret sauce, it's.

00:23:27 Justin Winstead

Like, here's what really?

00:23:29 Justin Winstead

We're doing better than other people in our industry on the average or do and what could you speak to on?

00:23:34 Jay Owen

Sure, it's a combination of things.

00:23:36 Jay Owen

I would say we'll talk about differentiation.

00:23:38 Jay Owen

In other words, how are we different from somebody else, which is essentially the question.

00:23:41 Jay Owen

It's really rolling thing, right?

00:23:44 Jay Owen

So one thing.

00:23:44 Jay Owen

For example for us is that we're a story brand certified agency.

00:23:48 Jay Owen

There's a handful of those around the country, and now I think there's more like 20 something, but about when we started there was a handful.

00:23:54 Jay Owen

And that this means where our team is fully certified in our framework created by Guy named Donald Miller from a book while building a story brand.

00:24:01 Jay Owen

That messaging framework is one of the most pivotal things I've ever seen in marketing for successive owner business.

00:24:07 Jay Owen

So if you want one marketing tip from this podcast that will help you grow, go really building a story.

00:24:12 Jay Owen

Brand it will change the way you think about how you message for your business, but it's just one piece of the puzzle, the other is the vast amount of experience that we have, so lots of people.

00:24:21 Jay Owen

The store brand community there's.

00:24:22 Jay Owen

Very few who have 20 plus years of experience like.

00:24:25 Jay Owen

We do, and then the third is also the tools and systems that we stack.

00:24:29 Jay Owen

On top of that one.

00:24:32 Jay Owen

Those, for example is a tool called HubSpot, which is a great marketing automation tool and we're platinum partners with HubSpot.

00:24:38 Jay Owen

And so those three things together we kind.

00:24:40 Jay Owen

See as our key differentiation.

00:24:43 Jay Owen

We're story about certified agency with 20 plus years of experience in growth ourselves and a HubSpot platinum partner.

00:24:51 Jay Owen

When you combine all those things, there's only a couple of agencies in the whole world who can match to all of those, and we'll be able to take people from a clean, simple process.

00:25:00 Jay Owen

From beginning to end.

00:25:02 Jay Owen

We plan things so they know that the building right thing is not wasting time and money on marketing.

00:25:06 Jay Owen

It doesn't work.

00:25:07 Jay Owen

We produce things that are necessary in order to tell the right stories to the right people, and then we help promote it to get in front of the right eyeballs to get attention and acquire customers.

00:25:16 Jay Owen

And because of that simplicity of the plan.

00:25:19 Jay Owen

And people have confidence that they're not wasting time and money on things that don't work because a lot of people have done that before.

00:25:26 Justin Winstead

Yeah, well it's no surprise then how you guys have reached the level of success that you have and I know getting to see some of your team at the conferences that we've attended together and just seeing the growth that's happening.

00:25:37 Justin Winstead

I can tell that that's a part of, you know your background and you guys are person, but also your team and what you guys do well so.

00:25:43 Justin Winstead

Congratulations on building that business.

00:25:45 Justin Winstead

I want to transition as to our big topic that we're going to talk about today, so we want to get a little bit of content that's really relevant.

00:25:52 Justin Winstead

To our listeners.

00:25:53 Justin Winstead

Especially some of those going through our.

00:25:55 Justin Winstead

Coaching program we're.

00:25:56 Justin Winstead

Going to talk about perspective and vision.

00:25:58 Justin Winstead

But before we.

00:25:58 Justin Winstead

Do that.

00:25:59 Justin Winstead

I want to call for just a quick break and then we'll pick back up this conversation right after that.

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00:26:30 Justin Winstead

Alright, welcome back to the Improver Network podcast.

00:26:33 Justin Winstead

We are continuing our conversation here with Jay Owen from business builders and we are transitioning our conversation now to start talking about perspective and vision here at the improver network.

00:26:46 Justin Winstead

We're always trying to learn and grow personally and professionally.

00:26:49 Justin Winstead

In getting the perspective and advice from others helping identify blind spots, all this is very important to what we're aiming.

00:26:56 Justin Winstead

To do here.

00:26:57 Justin Winstead

So as we get into that one thing I was curious about with you.

00:27:00 Justin Winstead

Is this something that you recently have tried in your company?

00:27:03 Justin Winstead

And I realize you're more hands off now, so maybe your company has tried or one of your teams has and.

00:27:08 Justin Winstead

You were just surprised by the result.

00:27:09 Justin Winstead

Love it and why do you think that that culture by surprise?

00:27:15 Jay Owen

You know, I think it's just a matter.

00:27:17 Jay Owen

The biggest thing that we've kind of implemented and it's really not been super easy over the last couple of years has been we've shifted our model to be where our internal team are leaders, managers, and strategists.

00:27:30 Jay Owen

And what I?

00:27:30 Jay Owen

Mean by that is I don't have a huge staff of internal designers, huge staff of internal developers.

00:27:35 Jay Owen

Huge staff of copywriters, videographers, photographers, all that kind.

00:27:37 Jay Owen

Of stuff we.

00:27:38 Jay Owen

Have some people have expertise in those areas for sure, but the vast majority of our team are experts to those things but able to lead them.

00:27:45 Jay Owen

And then we have.

00:27:46 Jay Owen

Tons of contract teams that we use all over the world just like a building contractor would to bring in to have a specialty tile person.

00:27:55 Jay Owen

You know, in a particular to bathroom or a particular type of you know, personal on a certain.

00:27:59 Jay Owen

Kind of roof.

00:28:00 Jay Owen

It's very similar in the work that we do, and there were times along the way where we weren't sure that.

00:28:06 Jay Owen

That was always going to work.

00:28:08 Jay Owen

Where we?

00:28:10 Jay Owen

You know tried partners or vendors that were really just not up to par, and I think lately over the last probably 6 to 12 months really just landed on the right people in the right places, both internally on our internal team and externally on our contract team.

00:28:22 Jay Owen

They're just working exceptionally well, and it allows us to produce great work at with a good margin to stay healthy as a business.

00:28:30 Jay Owen

And also have incredible results to help other people grow their businesses and so.

00:28:35 Jay Owen

It's been amazing to see the persistence and the resilience of the team being willing to push through and try the next thing.

00:28:42 Jay Owen

Basically, until we found the thing that worked because a lot of times, the first thing doesn't work and you gotta keep pressing to get to a place that it will.

00:28:50 Justin Winstead

Yeah, so along those lines of that being, I mean it sounds like some of that was which our hopes were, but then this is still a little surprising and I'm trying to think about that perspective on.

00:29:00 Justin Winstead

Hey, we went into it with this perspective, but then we were surprised.

00:29:03 Justin Winstead

And had a new perspective.

00:29:04 Justin Winstead

What do you?

00:29:05 Justin Winstead

What kind of calls that shift is that just was the experience of how it happened or or why do you think the perspective wasn't necessarily accurate from the get go?

00:29:14 Justin Winstead

Or you had to try some different things?

00:29:17 Jay Owen

I think I always want things to happen quicker than they do, you know, but I always like to try and think of myself as the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare, you know.

00:29:26 Jay Owen

And so.

00:29:28 Jay Owen

I think some in that case I was kind of surprised.

00:29:30 Jay Owen

It took us so long to.

00:29:31 Jay Owen

Find the right partners.

00:29:32 Jay Owen

In certain areas.

00:29:33 Jay Owen

But now that we have them.

00:29:35 Jay Owen

Honestly, at some point you're kind of surprised at the results, even though that was the original desired vision anyway, you're like because you kind of get to a place like is this going to work?

00:29:41 Jay Owen

Like should we actually have more of the right kind of people in house like I will pull this off and started to kind of doubt your own vision, so it's.

00:29:49 Jay Owen

Kind of surprising when it actually did work.

00:29:51 Jay Owen

You know, and so you know.

00:29:54 Jay Owen

I think The thing is.

00:29:55 Jay Owen

Like knowing when to quit so important and we weren't at a place where we needed to quit a particular area of the business.

00:30:00 Jay Owen

Must keep pressing and you find the right.

00:30:02 Jay Owen

You find the right partners.


Yeah, you know.

00:30:05 Justin Winstead

Maybe think a little bit about marriage or wedding.

00:30:07 Justin Winstead

I should say when you think about you know what's going to happen, but it's a surprise when it is 'cause that's the way I remember feeling like I knew it's going to get married.

00:30:14 Justin Winstead

We were engaged.

00:30:14 Justin Winstead

There's a wedding date, but then building up to you're like holy crap.

00:30:17 Justin Winstead

I'm about to be married with like I mean it just kind of the reality is sitting in and the thing you are planning for and hoping for it actually happens.

00:30:23 Justin Winstead

There's a little bit of shock after that.

00:30:25 Jay Owen

Yeah, it's interesting about that too.

00:30:27 Jay Owen

Is I think marriage and business in that context have a lot in common because people spend so much time planning for their wedding day.

00:30:35 Jay Owen

And probably not nearly enough time planning for their actual marriage. You know, the wedding day is going to last 24 hours and the marriage hopefully is going to last decades.

00:30:45 Jay Owen

It often doesn't, and so why you know, and I think part of that is because we don't.

00:30:51 Jay Owen

Maybe there's a sauce culture plan for those things.

00:30:54 Jay Owen

And this can be kind of like.

00:30:55 Jay Owen

That too especially.

00:30:56 Jay Owen

People launching new businesses, but we're excited about the launch and.

00:31:00 Jay Owen

They want you know they have all the hats and the T shirts and the website.

00:31:04 Jay Owen

So I wanted to buy websites to us.

00:31:05 Jay Owen

What we make you know.

00:31:06 Jay Owen

But at the same time maybe in the beginning.

00:31:08 Jay Owen

You don't need all the things that everybody else has.

00:31:10 Jay Owen

Maybe you need to plan about the thing about the long term aspect of the.

00:31:13 Jay Owen

Business and not just the launch of the.

00:31:16 Jay Owen

Business because you.

00:31:17 Jay Owen

Know you know my podcast and book.

00:31:20 Jay Owen

Our title building a business.

00:31:21 Jay Owen

That lasts for a reason.

00:31:23 Jay Owen

Because I want something that is going to outlast me.

00:31:27 Jay Owen

I want something that's going to and not just people.

00:31:29 Jay Owen

Often it's for their kids.

00:31:30 Jay Owen

It's not just for that, I want it for the people that are here.

00:31:32 Jay Owen

People to work now I wanted to know that if I was gone tomorrow, the thing would survive without me.

00:31:36 Jay Owen

I think that matters.

00:31:38 Justin Winstead

Yeah man, and that's even a really relevant word for our network.

00:31:41 Justin Winstead

The past week I've been doing coaching for years and we've had different workshops and programs that we've done.

00:31:46 Justin Winstead

But this year, we've launched our membership program.

00:31:49 Justin Winstead

We're going to have a launch this fall and it to your point.

00:31:51 Justin Winstead

It would be very easy and I'm even trying to think about it right now.

00:31:55 Justin Winstead

Having getting caught up in planning the party the launch event.

00:31:59 Justin Winstead

The Big Deal and like forgetting like later.

00:32:01 Justin Winstead

We got to make sure there's real value being provided for our Members that we're really accomplishing the mission that we're set out to do, and so that's a great reminder even for us here in our network.

00:32:10 Justin Winstead

So thank you for.

00:32:11 Justin Winstead

That that's one lesson that you've learned.

00:32:13 Justin Winstead

About perspective or vision that you think everyone should learn.

00:32:19 Jay Owen

You know?

00:32:22 Jay Owen

I was I got to interview Doctor John Deloney the other day from from the Dave Ramsey organization from Ramsey Solutions and one of the things I always talk about as it relates to the vision is vision in my own personal life, and I will tell the story if you've listened to many other podcasts turning out in the last year or two heard me speak on the stage.

00:32:42 Jay Owen

I probably said something like this when I close my eyes.

00:32:45 Jay Owen

I can see what my life looks like when I'm 70 years old.

00:32:48 Jay Owen

I can see the wife that's sitting next to me.

00:32:50 Jay Owen

My current wife, Claire.

00:32:51 Jay Owen

I can see a nice glass of bourbon sitting next to me.

00:32:54 Jay Owen

I can see.

00:32:54 Jay Owen

My kids playing in a long grassy yard, actually the grandkids playing.

00:32:58 Jay Owen

See my kids out on.

00:33:00 Jay Owen

Boats or jet skis and the river or our houses built and I can see this vision of the future.

00:33:06 Jay Owen

And so I'll ask myself the question like what needs to be true, and for that to be true.

00:33:12 Jay Owen

And the interesting thing about it is it doesn't specifically relate to my business, but it's a later outcome in life that the business can and will influence.

00:33:21 Jay Owen

In positive or negative ways.

00:33:23 Jay Owen

And one thing the.

00:33:24 Jay Owen

Doctor Donnie said that really caught me.

00:33:25 Jay Owen

Off guard and I.

00:33:26 Jay Owen

Was like, oh, you're right, it was.

00:33:28 Justin Winstead

I know you're 1.

00:33:29 Justin Winstead

Of those, that was a great podcast, by the way.

00:33:31 Jay Owen

He messed me up with beans.

00:33:31 Justin Winstead

Damn it.

00:33:33 Jay Owen

It was so good.

00:33:34 Jay Owen

I don't remember exactly what he said, but he basically said something like that's a great vision.

00:33:39 Jay Owen

But what happens when your wife gets cancer and dies?

00:33:41 Jay Owen

What happens when your child can't have children and so you can't have grandchildren?

00:33:46 Jay Owen

You can't control that outcome.

00:33:47 Jay Owen

And I was like, holy.

00:33:49 Jay Owen

Holy smoke.

00:33:52 Jay Owen

That was a.

00:33:52 Jay Owen

Huge revelation for me.

00:33:54 Jay Owen

I think I already operated in the space where he wanted me to be by saying that, but as it relates to vision and.

00:34:02 Jay Owen

Thinking about how.

00:34:03 Jay Owen

That affects life, whether it's business or personal, which I.

00:34:06 Jay Owen

Think they all blend?

00:34:07 Jay Owen

Together anyway is you have to be willing to reshape that.

00:34:11 Jay Owen

Vision because you can't control all things, and so there's some things you're going to be in a place where.

00:34:16 Jay Owen

You know you just.

00:34:18 Jay Owen

It's out of your hands, you know, and so I think one of the problems we have right now with 24/7 news and 24/7 social media.

00:34:25 Jay Owen

As many of us and many, many folks are so worried about things that they literally have absolutely 0 control over.

00:34:32 Jay Owen

And maybe we should spend a little more time being worried about the things that are right around us.

00:34:36 Jay Owen

The people that are right around the things that we can.

00:34:38 Jay Owen

Actually influenced in some positive way things we can improve versus the things that we cannot.

00:34:43 Jay Owen

And so I think that's why I've thought about it.

00:34:46 Jay Owen

Relates to Visionist, making sure there's space for me to re-evaluate that none of it's set in stone because I I can't control all things that I'm not God.

00:34:55 Justin Winstead

I'm a planner.

00:34:56 Justin Winstead

Personally I love plans.

00:34:58 Justin Winstead

You mentioned Michael Hyatt earlier.

00:35:00 Justin Winstead

I'm actually certified in the full focus planner and I love helping.

00:35:03 Justin Winstead

People to get their.

00:35:05 Justin Winstead

Vision and their plans and your reminder about what after the loan, he said.

00:35:09 Justin Winstead

And on that podcast, by the way, what's the what's the?

00:35:11 Justin Winstead

Name of your.

00:35:12 Justin Winstead

Podcast and how could people listen to that?

00:35:14 Jay Owen

Yeah, the podcast is the same title as the book.

00:35:17 Jay Owen

It's building a business that lasts.

00:35:19 Jay Owen

You can also just search for my name Jay and anybody looking for podcasts and it should pop up.

00:35:23 Jay Owen

But building a business that lasts.

00:35:25 Justin Winstead

Yeah, look for that doctor.

00:35:26 Justin Winstead

John Deloney interview on that.

00:35:28 Justin Winstead

I listened to it and it was fantastic, but you had that idea of like it's great to make a plan but you got to be flexible in case things.

00:35:34 Justin Winstead

Well, you know.

00:35:35 Justin Winstead

But the challenging part about that is sometimes when life starts throwing stuff at you, you can't be too flexible, because then all of a sudden you're just in a state of reactivity and you're letting everything throw you off course.

00:35:45 Justin Winstead

And so I think it's a hard balance sometimes to know like man, I need to just continue headstrong or hey I need to reshape the vision or I guess I just need to accept it.

00:35:54 Justin Winstead

Sometimes when it is out of my control and the vision isn't coming to completion, so the best struggle I think for a lot of us.

00:36:02 Jay Owen

Yeah, I think that persistence in those things is it's.

00:36:07 Jay Owen

It's important to know when to quit.

00:36:08 Jay Owen

There's actually a great book by Seth Godin.

00:36:10 Jay Owen

It's a real short one.

00:36:12 Jay Owen

Called, I don't think it's called the dip.

00:36:15 Jay Owen

Let me look for it real quick.

00:36:18 Jay Owen

It's it's basically around this idea of understanding when to quit because there there are.

00:36:24 Jay Owen

Sometimes when we should quit, yeah, it's it's called the dip by Seth Godin.

00:36:29 Jay Owen

A little book that teaches you when to quit and when to stick.

00:36:32 Jay Owen

And I won't ruin it, but he shares some great ideas and and some Nuggets in there around.

00:36:37 Jay Owen

This particular idea of when do you know that this vision is something that maybe should you?

00:36:43 Jay Owen

You should put a pause on and when do.

00:36:45 Jay Owen

You know that it's something that.

00:36:47 Jay Owen

You should just press forward into 'cause there's been plenty of times where.

00:36:50 Jay Owen

I thought I should quit.

00:36:52 Jay Owen

For one reason or another, and and didn't and pressed.

00:36:55 Jay Owen

Through and glad that I did.

00:36:59 Justin Winstead

Well, we don't have blind spots that limit our ability to see everything clearly.

00:37:03 Justin Winstead

How do you overcome your own blind spots, whether personally or professionally?

00:37:07 Justin Winstead

What habits do you have or techniques?

00:37:10 Justin Winstead

Or have you been able to overcome any blind spots?

00:37:15 Jay Owen

Well, I think you have to.

00:37:16 Jay Owen

Have the right people around you to overcome blind spots.

00:37:19 Jay Owen

I had a pastor say one time, you know we most of us know what our weak, healthy people know what their weaknesses are, but they don't know what their blind spots are.

00:37:27 Jay Owen

And because that's little what it's.

00:37:29 Jay Owen

Called it's a blind spot for a reason.

00:37:30 Jay Owen

'cause you're blind to it, and so the only way to see a blind.

00:37:33 Jay Owen

Spot is to have somebody pointed out.

00:37:35 Jay Owen

And we would have.

00:37:35 Jay Owen

Somebody pointed out is to have people in your life that you've given permission to to some extent, and that you've learned to trust, and they've learned to trust you to speak into that.

00:37:44 Jay Owen

And say, hey?

00:37:45 Jay Owen

Can I give you some advice and you're like?

00:37:46 Jay Owen

Yeah, sure, and you really mean it and they go.

00:37:49 Jay Owen

I don't know if you're aware of this, but sometimes when you're in a room with other people.

00:37:54 Jay Owen

You can really have a tendency to cut him off a lot, and being really you could be interrupted and they might take that as as you being somebody that I know that you're not like.

00:38:02 Jay Owen

Are you aware?

00:38:03 Jay Owen

Of that and.

00:38:04 Jay Owen

I say that because that is actually a weakness for me, but I'm aware of it's not a blast, but it is a weakness.

00:38:09 Jay Owen

I'm aware that my wife.

00:38:10 Jay Owen

Always says you're really good at interrupting people, which is not good.

00:38:13 Jay Owen

And and.

00:38:14 Jay Owen

And so I have to intentionally be aware of that, but the only reason I'm aware of that is because something else is pointed.

00:38:19 Jay Owen

Out to me over time.

00:38:20 Jay Owen

And so I'm even more sensitive to it.

00:38:23 Jay Owen

'cause I have to go.

00:38:23 Jay Owen

OK, gosh I.

00:38:24 Jay Owen

Have to stop doing that 'cause it's so habitual.

00:38:26 Jay Owen

And it's so part of my.

00:38:26 Jay Owen

Nature and so I think we're blind spots.

00:38:29 Jay Owen

The number one.

00:38:30 Jay Owen

Thing is, you got to be in a.

00:38:31 Jay Owen

Community of people that you've given permission to hold.

00:38:34 Jay Owen

Do accountable coaches need coaches?

00:38:37 Jay Owen

Leaders need coaches, people need coaches and mentors who will come alongside them and say.

00:38:46 Jay Owen

Hey, have you thought about this?

00:38:47 Jay Owen

Hey, you said you were going to do this thing, but you haven't done it yet.

00:38:49 Jay Owen

And a lot of leaders will say things like it's lonely at the top, and that's because they've allowed themselves for that to be true.

00:38:57 Jay Owen

It took me many years before I knew that I needed to have somebody else hold me accountable, and if it's kind of like whoa, what are we?

00:39:05 Jay Owen

What are you talking about, man?

00:39:07 Jay Owen

And then afterwards you're like, wow, that was really good.

00:39:09 Jay Owen

I need somebody else to point out things I'm not seeing.

00:39:14 Justin Winstead

You know I had a Group A few years back and really we started kind of.

00:39:18 Justin Winstead

I don't wanna say dissolving but fading I guess but pre COVID ankova just did us in and I've got some other guys I'm meeting with at that particular group.

00:39:26 Justin Winstead

There was something that we would do in in there that I really liked and we called it our nobes talks.

00:39:32 Justin Winstead

And nobody else is what you're thinking of.

00:39:34 Justin Winstead

It's no bull, right?

00:39:35 Justin Winstead

It's like I'm about to shoot straight with you, but it was also stood for no blind spots, and part of our agreement in the group was that we wanted to try to have no blind spots.

00:39:43 Justin Winstead

Now the.

00:39:44 Justin Winstead

Truth is, we all had him right, but it was like hey, if you see a blind spot will you come and let me know and we let each other know this he would say, hey AJ need to have a.

00:39:54 Justin Winstead

No BS talk with.

00:39:55 Justin Winstead

You and you immediately knew.

00:39:57 Justin Winstead

OK, alright, he's about to shoot straight.

00:39:59 Justin Winstead

He's about to tell me something and it's a blind spot that I have and it's kind of like this may.

00:40:03 Justin Winstead

Go some punches you in the gut.

00:40:04 Justin Winstead

And you're not expecting it.

00:40:05 Justin Winstead

That feels one way, but if somebody comes up and says, hey, Joe, about to punch you in the gut.

00:40:09 Justin Winstead

At least you can.

00:40:09 Justin Winstead

Brace forward a little bit what that?

00:40:11 Jay Owen

That's actually really good.

00:40:12 Jay Owen

That's actually really good communication advice for people, though, is like one of the guys mall is really good about this.

00:40:18 Jay Owen

So walk up to somebody and say, hey, can I give you some feedback?

00:40:21 Jay Owen

And you know when?

00:40:22 Jay Owen

These says something like that, like it's by not going.

00:40:24 Jay Owen

To be like.

00:40:25 Jay Owen

Your hair looks great today, you know.

00:40:27 Jay Owen

And and that's but it's and it's all times.

00:40:30 Jay Owen

It's not even something that critical anyway.

00:40:31 Jay Owen

So we kind of joke about it.

00:40:32 Jay Owen

'cause he's so he'll say it all the time, but I've learned to.

00:40:36 Jay Owen

Do that with people and go hey can.

00:40:38 Jay Owen

I can I give some feedback?

00:40:39 Jay Owen

On something and.

00:40:41 Jay Owen

Nine times out.

00:40:41 Jay Owen

Especially to somebody you know and trust are.

00:40:43 Jay Owen

Gonna be like yeah.

00:40:43 Jay Owen

Sure, we're like, hey, you know, I think this.

00:40:46 Jay Owen

Is this is something that could be improved and it's?

00:40:48 Jay Owen

Like oh wow OK versus just telling the thing that could be improved and it's like maybe maybe we should soften that a little bit, especially with different personalities.

00:40:57 Jay Owen

You know, I mean.

00:40:58 Jay Owen

I know you love working genius.

00:41:00 Jay Owen

I love that and assess my love.

00:41:02 Jay Owen

Any gram discuss all of all the things I like all those kind of assessments and and you know my wife and I are very different.

00:41:08 Jay Owen

On the India Gram, I'm a three, just like the performer or the achiever.

00:41:11 Jay Owen

If you can't tell and and she's the one which is the improver, if you will.

00:41:17 Jay Owen

So we called the perfectionist or the reformer and and so if I had spent my.

00:41:22 Jay Owen

Whole afternoon cleaning up the living room.

00:41:24 Jay Owen

And while she's

00:41:24 Jay Owen

Out of town she comes inside and sees it and there's one sock in the corner of a couch that I missed.

00:41:31 Jay Owen

The only thing she can see is that sock and if.

00:41:36 Jay Owen

She walks in.

00:41:36 Jay Owen

Is like hey, why is that sock on the couch and doesn't notice anything?

00:41:39 Jay Owen

Else that is very.

00:41:41 Jay Owen

Difficult for my personality, 'cause my personality type is already concerned that I don't have what it takes and I'm not good enough and so she just reinforces it to some extent.

00:41:49 Jay Owen

But she's gotten better at.

00:41:51 Jay Owen

OK, I see the sock on the couch, but instead I'm going to.

00:41:53 Jay Owen

Say hey it looks.

00:41:54 Jay Owen

Like you.

00:41:54 Jay Owen

Really cleaned up here.

00:41:55 Jay Owen

Thanks for doing.

00:41:55 Jay Owen

That I'm just going to go pick the sock.

00:41:57 Jay Owen

Up herself and put it away and so to say that I can't receive feedback because I need.

00:42:01 Jay Owen

To be able.

00:42:01 Jay Owen

To but that there.

00:42:03 Jay Owen

Is like a uh?

00:42:05 Jay Owen

Learning how to communicate with different people with different styles, and one of those tricks is the one that you just said which is.

00:42:11 Jay Owen

Hey can I give you some feedback?

00:42:12 Jay Owen

I tell you something kind of that might be a little bit tough to.

00:42:14 Jay Owen

Hear and it.

00:42:15 Jay Owen

Makes it does make it easier so.

00:42:17 Jay Owen

Maybe load that?

00:42:18 Jay Owen

I'd be like.

00:42:19 Jay Owen

OK, yeah, sure, tell.

00:42:20 Jay Owen

Me, you know, and I kind of.

00:42:21 Jay Owen

Unprepared to receive it versus.

00:42:23 Jay Owen

It is coming out of the blind spot.

00:42:26 Justin Winstead

Yeah no for sure.

00:42:28 Justin Winstead

Well, you mentioned earlier about how you've got this clear vision of life and you can just see it happen and almost like it's already a memory of yours about what life is.

00:42:36 Justin Winstead

Going to be like in the future.

00:42:38 Justin Winstead

But I know I've talked with some people that they don't have that clear vision.

00:42:42 Justin Winstead

So what do you tell that leader who wants that vision?

00:42:45 Justin Winstead

And they they want to have that thing they're shooting for, but they just don't seem to be able to get it.

00:42:50 Justin Winstead

They that they want that focus and clarity but they just haven't able to achieve that and so they don't even really know what they're working towards.

00:42:56 Justin Winstead

They're just kind of pinball machine reactive like lights, just like bouncing them around and they don't have that.

00:43:03 Justin Winstead

What would you tell?

00:43:04 Jay Owen

There's a couple things when people aren't sure about what their vision even is that I would tell them and encourage them with.

00:43:11 Jay Owen

The first one is be patient.

00:43:16 Jay Owen

You don't have to have some.

00:43:17 Jay Owen

I haven't had this grand vision of the future that long, and frankly, it's not even.

00:43:20 Jay Owen

It's pretty simple you.

00:43:21 Jay Owen

Know like I think people overcomplicate it. So be patient. Number 1 #2 don't overcomplicate it.

00:43:28 Jay Owen

Just just take a minute and sit down and close your eyes and wonder what's going to be like one of the best.

00:43:35 Jay Owen

Exercise I've ever done in my whole life.

00:43:37 Jay Owen

Many people have done this.

00:43:38 Jay Owen

Stephen Covey recommended it.

00:43:40 Jay Owen

Michael Hyatt again has a great book called Living Forward, but has this method and then Donald Miller more recently has one called here on a mission.

00:43:46 Jay Owen

All three of them have you do essentially the same exercise, just in different ways, which is sit down.

00:43:53 Jay Owen

And write down the 10 most important people or people groups in your life and then write a paragraph about what that person might say about you which you want them to say about you.

00:44:04 Jay Owen

In an ideal world.

00:44:05 Jay Owen

At your funeral, and that is a sobering, exercised and ultimately what you come up with in different methods.

00:44:12 Jay Owen

Whether it's Michael Heights living forward or Don Miller.

00:44:16 Jay Owen

's here on the mission, we actually will take people through that here on the mission course.

00:44:20 Jay Owen

Many times we live with our team, I did my wife.

00:44:22 Jay Owen

And you end up writing your eulogy.

00:44:25 Jay Owen

And there's something about that man that helps to create clarity about the future, because there is one truth about all of us.

00:44:32 Jay Owen

Regardless of what tribe or nation we were born into or or what we hold as our faith or religion or or what where we work or what we do, none of us are making it out of here.

00:44:42 Jay Owen

Alive that's a grim kind of like tough reality.

00:44:46 Jay Owen

But when you but when you anchor on that, you go hold on.

00:44:51 Jay Owen

What do I want to be like when I'm dead?

00:44:54 Jay Owen

And it's not really I want.

00:44:54 Jay Owen

To be out when I'm dead, it's really like between now and then, right?

00:44:57 Justin Winstead

Man, king.

00:44:58 Jay Owen

And it's an emotional exercise.

00:45:00 Jay Owen

The first time I did it, I just sat and cried in a hotel room and I had some time before an event.

00:45:04 Jay Owen

I sat into this exercise and I cried.

00:45:06 Jay Owen

And cried and cried, because the the the distance between.

00:45:10 Jay Owen

Who I was that day, which was.

00:45:12 Jay Owen

Probably 6-7 eight years ago.

00:45:14 Jay Owen

Who I was that day and who I wanted to be.

00:45:16 Jay Owen

When my children eulogized me at my own funeral.

00:45:20 Jay Owen

Was was a big gap.

00:45:23 Jay Owen

And I thought, man, that's that's the that's.

00:45:25 Jay Owen

A big difference between where I am now and where.

00:45:27 Jay Owen

I need to go.

00:45:27 Jay Owen

And then Michael Hydal often says, like, just ask the question what needs to be true today for that to be true tomorrow and so that exercise as far as vision for life will get you somewhere now.

00:45:40 Jay Owen

It's not going to be in the nuances of like what products you should sell off.

00:45:43 Jay Owen

That's not a.

00:45:44 Jay Owen

Vision is anyway.

00:45:45 Jay Owen

Vision is a long term exercise that does have some flexibility over time.

00:45:51 Jay Owen

That is a big picture direction of.

00:45:52 Jay Owen

Where you're going?

00:45:53 Jay Owen

And then how you get there's a different.

00:45:56 Jay Owen

Thing or sometimes?

00:45:56 Jay Owen

Many ways to get to that end outcome, which is fine, but I love that exercise site so be patient.

00:46:03 Jay Owen

And don't don't try and get too detailed about the vision and and ultimately think about it in your life, as dark as that is for a podcast episode we were trying to encourage people.

00:46:14 Jay Owen

It is one of the greatest encouragements when you sit down and you think OK, now I know what the end looks.

00:46:20 Jay Owen

Like how do I work my way towards it in a way that people stand up and say great things about me?

00:46:25 Jay Owen

I remember one of the one of my favorite things to watch.

00:46:28 Jay Owen

You can YouTube it out.

00:46:29 Jay Owen

There is a video of George W Bush eulogizing.

00:46:35 Jay Owen

His father, George HW Bush.

00:46:37 Jay Owen

He used to be Bush was vice president.

00:46:40 Jay Owen

Ronald Reagan.

00:46:40 Jay Owen

He's priced some lot of fancy stuff before that too.

00:46:43 Jay Owen

And then he was President, United States.

00:46:46 Jay Owen

But when George W Bush talked about him, he just talked about.

00:46:49 Jay Owen

Him as his dad.

00:46:51 Jay Owen

And it's like, man, here's one of the guys who was the most powerful men in the history of modern times.

00:46:59 Jay Owen

And his son talked about his memories of him.

00:47:02 Jay Owen

As a dad.

00:47:03 Jay Owen

If that is possible for him, that's possible for me.

00:47:07 Jay Owen

Now I want us to be true to make that happen.

00:47:09 Jay Owen

That's the vision that that'll get you somewhere you know and and so that's where I would start.

00:47:15 Jay Owen

If you're not sure what your vision should be for.

00:47:17 Jay Owen

Your own future.

00:47:18 Justin Winstead

Yeah, that is great advice and you kind of hinted at something in what you were saying and I'm wondering if you would agree with this statement and I've not thought about this until you.

00:47:27 Justin Winstead

Were just chatting.

00:47:27 Justin Winstead

But you know, I think some people think vision has got to be about certainty when vision.

00:47:32 Justin Winstead

Is really what I hope.

00:47:34 Justin Winstead

And so it's not necessary that you know exactly how it's going to play out.

00:47:37 Justin Winstead

Vision isn't you've got it all figured out, and you're certain it's more of this is what I'm hoping it's going to be like.

00:47:43 Justin Winstead

You go back to the Donald Miller stuff on storebrand.

00:47:46 Justin Winstead

It's all about what it what is the failure?

00:47:48 Justin Winstead

And what is?

00:47:49 Justin Winstead

Success, and like all the vision, is what does that success look like?

00:47:54 Justin Winstead

What am I hoping that that is, so yeah.

00:47:57 Jay Owen

Well, I've used a lot of political analogies today and I used more 'cause they just really work in these scenarios this.

00:48:02 Jay Owen

When you think about a positive hope for the future, I think that's exactly what created great value people without hope perish, right?

00:48:09 Jay Owen

And so people need hope.

00:48:12 Jay Owen

And when you think about the political messaging of Donald Trump and Barack Obama to relatively polarizing people, if you don't know and.

00:48:21 Jay Owen

Interestingly, they both were selling the same thing.

00:48:24 Jay Owen

They both were selling.

00:48:25 Jay Owen

Remember, Barack Obama had two primary words, hope and change.



00:48:30 Jay Owen

Hope was the primary will hope and change and then Donald Trump very clearly.

00:48:34 Jay Owen

Messaging make America great again.

00:48:36 Jay Owen

He was.

00:48:37 Jay Owen

He was selling a positive vision of the future future that had a nostalgic twist to some positivity that people remembered.

00:48:44 Jay Owen

In the past, which actually Bush did the same thing that used the exact same messaging?

00:48:49 Jay Owen

That's the funny part about it.

00:48:51 Jay Owen

But in both.

00:48:52 Jay Owen

Of those cases, and in many cases we're messaging.

00:48:54 Jay Owen

It as a success.

00:48:55 Jay Owen

It is about hope for a future.

00:48:57 Jay Owen

It's on our own minds.

00:48:59 Jay Owen

What is that hope?

00:49:00 Jay Owen

And yeah, it's probably going to change over time.

00:49:02 Jay Owen

And that's OK, you can re-evaluate it.

00:49:03 Jay Owen

You can re write your eulogy.

00:49:05 Jay Owen

Even if you have to some warrants.

00:49:05 Justin Winstead

Yeah, yeah, it's it's OK to change it, right?

00:49:09 Justin Winstead

That was probably stuff I pulled away from Baker MZ.

00:49:09 Adam Harvell

That's right.

00:49:11 Justin Winstead

At some it was a very simple statement, but he made the comment that like, yeah, we set out on stuff that we just.

00:49:16 Justin Winstead

This is the way it's going to be, and this is our plan and we got into it just.

00:49:19 Justin Winstead

Said, you know?

00:49:19 Justin Winstead

What we're changing and I don't like that idea anymore.

00:49:22 Justin Winstead

We're going different direction.

00:49:23 Justin Winstead

That's OK, so that's that's really.

00:49:25 Justin Winstead

Encourage unless we kind of get ready to wrap up.

00:49:27 Justin Winstead

I'm just wondering, is there anything else that you think?

00:49:29 Justin Winstead

That listeners really should think about or know about or tools or techniques or hacks or anything related to improving our vision and getting additional perspective and eliminating blind spots.

00:49:41 Justin Winstead

Anything you think we didn't cover or is there anything you wish I would have asked that I did and then?

00:49:45 Justin Winstead

You're like, oh, I wish we could have chatted about that.

00:49:47 Jay Owen

I think the biggest thing that I always like to really encourage people with is a lot of the things that we are told from a young age about business are not true, for example.

00:50:00 Jay Owen

If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself.

00:50:03 Jay Owen

That is a recipe for burnout and most entrepreneurs and business owners and leaders end up stressed out and worn out and ready to quit.

00:50:13 Jay Owen

Almost everybody, if you haven't felt that way, you probably haven't been in business long enough.

00:50:18 Jay Owen

Just wait, you will.

00:50:19 Jay Owen

Marriage is pretty similar.

00:50:21 Jay Owen

That's a whole different thing, and.

00:50:23 Jay Owen

And so I would say along those lines.

00:50:26 Jay Owen

Remember that it's not about you.

00:50:29 Jay Owen

It's about the team that you're building, and it's about the customers that you're serving.

00:50:36 Jay Owen

You know Zig Ziglar always used to say if you help enough, other people get what they want, you'll get what you want and I believe that I believe in an abundant mentality I think.

00:50:49 Jay Owen

Many owners, the other thing.

00:50:51 Jay Owen

I would tell a lot of other business.

00:50:52 Jay Owen

Owners is stop worrying about your competition.

00:50:55 Jay Owen

Stop worry about that I I I literally held a workshop here several months ago with other people who do business just like mine.

00:51:02 Jay Owen

Marketing agencies and told them exactly how we do things.

00:51:05 Jay Owen

'cause I believe in abundance mentality.

00:51:07 Jay Owen

I'm not worried about them taking my ideas.

00:51:09 Jay Owen

I was given some coaching advice to somebody just before it on this call and.

00:51:14 Jay Owen

They were asking about some feedback for a keynote that they were planning 'cause I do some keynote.

00:51:18 Jay Owen

Speaking with Charlie.

00:51:18 Jay Owen

Enjoy and.

00:51:20 Jay Owen

Uhm, she said, well, do you think I should be worried about giving too much information away like I'm just too much?

00:51:27 Jay Owen

Like there's no amount that's too much, just tell.

00:51:30 Jay Owen

Them everything they're not going to do.

00:51:31 Jay Owen

It anyway half.

00:51:32 Jay Owen

The time so tell them everything.

00:51:33 Jay Owen

Give them all the value that you possibly can in that talk and, and that's great.

00:51:39 Jay Owen

So don't worry about your competition and and you know.

00:51:44 Jay Owen

Don't make it all about you because at the end of the day you just end up lonely when you do that and I want a great team of people around me that support certainly my vision for the company is my business I have.

00:51:56 Jay Owen

I have to be the one leading the vision for that for sure, but I also want them.

00:51:59 Jay Owen

To be able to live out the vision for their life.

00:52:01 Jay Owen

And if I'm not creating a space where they have the opportunity to do that, why would they stay so?

00:52:06 Jay Owen

We're struggling with turnover right now, and part of that is because they don't not created a space where people have.

00:52:11 Jay Owen

The opportunity to thrive.

00:52:13 Jay Owen

Or they've not created a space.

00:52:14 Jay Owen

People have the opportunity to make more money or have more freedom or have more purpose.

00:52:18 Jay Owen

They're not created community, they've not created culture.

00:52:21 Jay Owen

And so now is the time to step back and go.

00:52:23 Jay Owen

How do we fix those things?

00:52:24 Jay Owen

And I think that's what's great about what you're starting with.

00:52:26 Jay Owen

The improvement at work is that question of how do we make it better?

00:52:29 Jay Owen

For me.

00:52:30 Jay Owen

It's never about how am I.

00:52:32 Jay Owen

Better than somebody else.

00:52:34 Jay Owen

It's how am I better than me.

00:52:35 Jay Owen

Last year the only thing I care about is beating me from last year.

00:52:39 Jay Owen

That's my only competitor.

00:52:40 Jay Owen

It's not anybody else out there.

00:52:42 Justin Winstead

Yeah, and that's that's really big.

00:52:44 Justin Winstead

One of the phrases that we use internally as we talk about ultra trajectory.

00:52:48 Justin Winstead

And that's the thing that we're trying to improve is your own, uh, current trajectory that's not reaching your full potential.

00:52:53 Justin Winstead

We want to alter.

00:52:54 Justin Winstead

That and all you're doing is racing against your own potential.

00:52:57 Justin Winstead

You're not racing against anybody else, and so I love that kind of tie in as we talk about vision as well.

00:53:03 Justin Winstead

We don't have to steal somebody elses vision.

00:53:05 Justin Winstead

You know somebody probably heard you describing your thing and oh oh man, that sounded great.

00:53:09 Justin Winstead

I want that to be my vision too, and maybe it needs to be, but maybe it doesn't, it doesn't.

00:53:13 Justin Winstead

I don't need to take everybody else is God.

00:53:15 Justin Winstead

Given each of us a call and he's given each of us a vision.

00:53:18 Justin Winstead

So let's seek that out and see what we were put on this planet to do and accomplish.

00:53:23 Justin Winstead

And and just take steps.

00:53:24 Justin Winstead

Towards that, so man, you just added a lot.

00:53:28 Justin Winstead

I think of encouragement and inspiration to people to walk towards to not only have a vision, but then to walk towards that vision and accomplish that.

00:53:35 Justin Winstead

So really appreciate you doing that.

00:53:39 Justin Winstead

If our listeners wanted to continue to connect with you.

00:53:41 Justin Winstead

I know we talked about the podcast, but what else could they do to try to reach out and get in touch with Jay if they wanted you to be a keynote speaker or want to engage your company and website design or any of that stuff?

00:53:50 Justin Winstead

How did they reach out to you?

00:53:52 Jay Owen

Sure, I've got a lot of great resources on my personal website. It's Jon on there you can sign up for a free e-mail where I'll send one e-mail a week for a whole year to give you a business tip on how to grow some of their videos. Some of their just a quick tip.

00:54:08 Jay Owen

And, and so you go to my speaking stuff there and grab a copy of my book if you want all that is available at that website.

00:54:16 Justin Winstead

Alright man, well appreciate well, I definitely encourage our listeners connect with you really appreciate all the work you're doing and I know that at your heart your improve or two even though you may not be a one on the India gram, you're you, you're still.

00:54:27 Justin Winstead

You always want to kick it to the next level and grow and make progress, and so we have that kindred spirit there.

00:54:32 Justin Winstead

And man, just thanks a ton for joining us.

00:54:34 Justin Winstead

Today, appreciate you being on the podcast.

00:54:36 Jay Owen

For sure, Justin.

00:54:37 Jay Owen

Thanks for having me.

00:54:38 Justin Winstead

Alright, take care, see you.

00:54:41 Adam Harvell

Thank you for listening to this production of the Improver Network podcast.

00:54:45 Adam Harvell

Be sure to subscribe so you can catch future episodes.

00:54:47 Adam Harvell

It's crazy.

00:54:49 Adam Harvell

For more information about the improver network, visit us online at Improver dot network that's and connect with us on social.

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Until next time keep getting better.

Perspective & Vision - Interview w/Jay Owen
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