Potential - Improving Our Capacity - What can I really accomplish?

How can I reach my full potential? What are my limits? Why is understanding potential important?


00:00:04 Adam Harvell

Welcome to the Improver Network podcast, The Improver Network mission is to make the world better by improving how believers live, learn, work and play, finding balance and maintaining focus in a world of distractions and discouragement can be challenging and frustrating, but we're here to help you.

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Discover your purpose, become more productive and reach your true potential.

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Here are your hosts, Justin Winstead and Kinsey Harvell.

00:00:31 Kinzie Harvell

Hello hello, welcome back to the Improver podcast.

00:00:35 Justin Winstead

Hello improvers.

00:00:36 Kinzie Harvell

It's Justin and Kinsey.

00:00:38 Kinzie Harvell

We are here today to talk about another exciting topic and its potential.

00:00:44 Kinzie Harvell

So Justin, why don't you lead us into this?

00:00:47 Justin Winstead

So hope you all are doing fantastic out there.

00:00:49 Justin Winstead

Thank you for joining us again as we continue to build up our episodes here.

00:00:54 Justin Winstead

So yeah, as Kenzie said, we're gonna be talking about potential today and.

00:00:57 Kinzie Harvell

You've got potential, Justin.

00:00:59 Justin Winstead

Yes, thank you for that.

00:01:00 Justin Winstead

I've been I've actually I've had that told me many times over my life.


You don't say.

00:01:05 Justin Winstead

There's there.

00:01:06 Justin Winstead

There are some things that I don't feel like I got enough affirmation and encouragement in, but I will tell you growing up there were lots of people around me.

00:01:13 Justin Winstead

You know, I was blessed to grow up with four grandparents, 3 great grandparents, and I knew my great great.

00:01:18 Justin Winstead

Grandmother, they all had siblings and so.

00:01:21 Justin Winstead

There were all these older people that were always loving to me and saying you're going to grow up to be such a good man.

00:01:25 Justin Winstead

And you know you've got potential and so they really spoke up and spoke that into me and.

00:01:30 Kinzie Harvell

Now, did you take that as an insult or as a compliment or?

00:01:34 Justin Winstead

Well, you know what?

00:01:34 Justin Winstead

I didn't take it as an insult and so just now like you made it, I've always thought it was a compliment, but now you have me doubting my whole life.

00:01:42 Kinzie Harvell

I'm just picturing your grandma pinching your cheek and saying.

00:01:44 Kinzie Harvell

There's so much in there.

00:01:45 Justin Winstead

Which potential, yeah, you're just not tapping it right now.

00:01:48 Justin Winstead

Yeah no.

00:01:49 Justin Winstead

I was.

00:01:50 Justin Winstead

I was probably taking that a more arrogant way until just now.

00:01:52 Justin Winstead

Thanks for the humid.

00:01:54 Justin Winstead

But yeah, so I think about potential.

00:01:57 Justin Winstead

I think about that from my childhood.

00:01:59 Justin Winstead

I also think about going through school.

00:02:01 Justin Winstead

And did you ever take those aptitude tests where you fill in a bunch of questions?

00:02:05 Justin Winstead

Multiple choice and they tell you?

00:02:07 Justin Winstead

Hey, here's what you can be.

00:02:08 Justin Winstead

Or should be?

00:02:08 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, here are the five top careers you should.

00:02:11 Kinzie Harvell

Should go for.

00:02:13 Justin Winstead

Yeah, so potential is definitely something and we we tend to associate that with people younger in age or younger in their career and we think oh man, that person got potential.

00:02:22 Justin Winstead

They show some promise.

00:02:24 Justin Winstead

On there and in the coaching world, potential always hearing coaches talk about potential.

00:02:29 Justin Winstead

In fact, if you were to just go Google, you know 50 life coaches you'll see out of the 50, probably 40 of them have got potential listed somewhere in what they focus on or that they try to help people to.

00:02:40 Kinzie Harvell

Their tagline?

00:02:41 Justin Winstead

Yes, they're taglines.

00:02:42 Justin Winstead

So potentials all around us.

00:02:44 Justin Winstead

It's actually one of the big three pillars that we focus on here at the improver network.

00:02:48 Justin Winstead

We talk about a lot, potential, your purpose and productivity, and so this is one of our big three as well.

00:02:56 Justin Winstead

So excited to dive into this because there is going to be somebody.

00:03:00 Justin Winstead

That is listening to this podcast that the light bulb is going to come on and you are going to change the trajectory of your life as a result of these next few minutes.

00:03:11 Justin Winstead

On this podcast you are going to see that you were not understanding your potential correctly and it was having an impact on how you were living.

00:03:20 Justin Winstead

Working playing, it's just it's keeping you from being all that you can be and this is going to encourage you.

00:03:26 Justin Winstead

It's going to inspire you and I think for somebody this is going to be the first step into a new life for you.

00:03:32 Justin Winstead

So I'm super excited.

00:03:33 Kinzie Harvell

About that yeah.

00:03:34 Kinzie Harvell

And so to really address the problem though, we kind of have to start at the root and we have to realize.

00:03:39 Kinzie Harvell

What are we missing out on by not knowing or really stepping into our full potential and and when you realize those things, it's going to encourage you and spur you on to take.

00:03:48 Kinzie Harvell

Those steps so.

00:03:49 Kinzie Harvell

Let's let's talk through some of those problems of not living.

00:03:53 Justin Winstead

The other pain points like why does this really matter? Like if I don't listen to this podcast it you know, I feel like my life's been OK up until now.

00:03:53 Kinzie Harvell

Into their full attention.

00:04:00 Justin Winstead

Well, you may think it has, but you've got problems.

00:04:03 Justin Winstead

You've got pain points.

00:04:04 Justin Winstead

You've got some things that could be.

00:04:05 Justin Winstead

Better so we're going to talk about the downside of not knowing your potential, not living in your potential.

00:04:11 Justin Winstead

So what's one of the ones that comes to mind for you when you think about pain points and problems of not living?

00:04:16 Kinzie Harvell

In your potential well, the first one is every single person looks back and can probably think of it a time or a decision or an opportunity.

00:04:26 Kinzie Harvell

That they really regret not taking in simply because they didn't realize their full potential or they didn't realize what the opportunity could provide them.

00:04:34 Kinzie Harvell

With and so it's the would have.

00:04:37 Kinzie Harvell

Could have should a kind of attitude and.

00:04:39 Kinzie Harvell

And honestly you don't ever know what really could have happened or what could have stemmed out of those decisions.

00:04:45 Kinzie Harvell

So you're just filled with regrets.

00:04:47 Justin Winstead

Yeah, always kind of thinking about back on that could have should have on it 'cause you didn't take that jump.

00:04:52 Justin Winstead

You didn't ask the question.

00:04:54 Justin Winstead

You didn't buy the thing and it just kept you.

00:04:56 Kinzie Harvell

You didn't take the risk.

00:04:57 Justin Winstead

You didn't take that risk and look.

00:04:59 Justin Winstead

I'm an insurance guy as well, and you know we're all about risk assessment and risk management.

00:05:03 Justin Winstead

And sometimes we let the potential perils get in the way of what we could be doing.

00:05:08 Justin Winstead

And so that does fill us with with regret and kind of along.

00:05:11 Justin Winstead

That is like missed opportunities, right?

00:05:13 Kinzie Harvell

For sure.

00:05:14 Kinzie Harvell

And I was I was kind of talking with my kiddos this morning about some missed opportunities.

00:05:19 Kinzie Harvell

And my oldest son.

00:05:20 Kinzie Harvell

And you know you have to when you're when your kids kind of recognize something great that you've done for them.

00:05:26 Kinzie Harvell

You really kind of treasure it and he was just telling me how he really appreciated that.

00:05:31 Kinzie Harvell

My husband and I pushed him in his words.

00:05:34 Kinzie Harvell

Into violin because if not that missed opportunity would have been that all these years later.

00:05:40 Kinzie Harvell

He's still playing violin and really loving music and in class he took a math theory class and so just having this understanding music really helped him to excel.

00:05:51 Kinzie Harvell

But had we not?

00:05:53 Kinzie Harvell

Kind of pushed him into that.

00:05:55 Kinzie Harvell

There it would have been a huge missed.

00:05:56 Kinzie Harvell

Opportunity in his life.

00:05:57 Justin Winstead

For sure you know we mentioned that phrase trajectory earlier, and that's kind of which at the beginning potential is all about where you can be as that graph that chart goes along that trajectory on it.

00:06:08 Justin Winstead

So he would have been in a.

00:06:09 Justin Winstead

Different spot, yeah what?

00:06:10 Kinzie Harvell

About you, what are some pain points of not knowing your true potential?

00:06:14 Justin Winstead

Well, I will tell you some of those, but a quick story on the missed opportunities and regrets.

00:06:19 Justin Winstead

I don't feel like I have a lot, but one of the fun stories I like to share with people is is that my wife and I actually got to have dinner with the duck commander.

00:06:27 Justin Winstead

The Bill Roberts and his wife Kay, the week they signed their contract with Andy.

00:06:32 Justin Winstead

It was an awesome deal.

00:06:33 Justin Winstead

Crazy experience if any of you want to catch me offline, I could tell you lots of fun stories.

00:06:38 Justin Winstead

But one thing that happened is is we got done with dinner that night.

00:06:41 Justin Winstead

We're leaving and Phil says, hey Justin, you should.

00:06:44 Justin Winstead

You should go duck hunting with.

00:06:45 Justin Winstead

Me one day.

00:06:46 Justin Winstead

And said Oh yeah, yeah, that that that.

00:06:48 Kinzie Harvell

That sounds great.

00:06:49 Justin Winstead

Sounds OK, and then and The thing is what's crazy is I'm I'm from the South and grew up in a family.

00:06:54 Justin Winstead

We love to hunt.

00:06:55 Justin Winstead

We love to fish we're outdoors.

00:06:56 Justin Winstead

People I just never done any type of bird hunting.

00:07:00 Justin Winstead

No type of waterfowl, anything like that and he is the duck commander.

00:07:02 Kinzie Harvell

And he is the duck commander.

00:07:04 Kinzie Harvell

That's a high bar.

00:07:05 Justin Winstead

Some of you I just dropped a few cool points out there.

00:07:07 Justin Winstead

I'm really sorry for that, but I really regret the fact that I didn't take him up on that opportunity.

00:07:14 Justin Winstead

But you know what it was in my mind.

00:07:16 Kinzie Harvell

You said no.

00:07:17 Justin Winstead

I I didn't say no, I just put it off.

00:07:19 Justin Winstead

We're going to talk about procrastination a little bit later, and we'll talk about limiting beliefs and all that went in my mind like, well, I've never done that.

00:07:19 Kinzie Harvell

Oh well.

00:07:24 Justin Winstead

That would be embarrassing or whatever, but.

00:07:26 Justin Winstead

If Michael Jordan says, hey, let's go play horse, it doesn't matter if you're good at basketball, you just go.

00:07:29 Kinzie Harvell

You go and now you're gonna lose.

00:07:31 Justin Winstead

So that was the regret.

00:07:33 Justin Winstead

So who knows the potential and missed opportunity I missed out on with that?

00:07:36 Kinzie Harvell


00:07:37 Justin Winstead

I mean, I may have made it on the show.

00:07:38 Justin Winstead

So I could have been famous.

00:07:38 Kinzie Harvell

You could you could have been one of the brothers with a beard and a bandana and your well your name already starts with J.

00:07:45 Speaker 1

Jay I I.

00:07:45 Kinzie Harvell

You were a shoe in.

00:07:47 Justin Winstead

Was in there.

00:07:48 Justin Winstead

Yeah man, missed opportunity.

00:07:50 Justin Winstead

Well, besides that I will tell you another problem.

00:07:52 Justin Winstead

Pain point of not living in your potential is it just breeds discouragement, doubt, pessimism.

00:08:00 Justin Winstead

You know people.

00:08:00 Justin Winstead

Who don't live into their potential over a long period of time, they almost turn kind of fatalists in their outlook and their philosophy on life, and they're just end up being sorry for the debis out there, but they become the Debbie Downers right.

00:08:13 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, that you're yeah.

00:08:15 Justin Winstead

Yellow is me, so yeah, that's just that stuff and that's a problem.

00:08:20 Justin Winstead

So if you don't think about potential if you don't know it.

00:08:21 Kinzie Harvell


00:08:23 Justin Winstead

Many times you you don't have hope 'cause you're not thinking about what could be and what ought.

00:08:28 Justin Winstead

To be then?

00:08:28 Kinzie Harvell

And unfortunately, that kind of attitude is contagious.

00:08:32 Kinzie Harvell

If you're on a team and you're facing an opponent that you just don't.

00:08:36 Kinzie Harvell

Think you have any chance?

00:08:38 Kinzie Harvell

Again, if one person on the team shares that?

00:08:41 Kinzie Harvell

Uhm, that doubting attitude it it's going to.

00:08:45 Kinzie Harvell

It's going to catch fire and the whole team is going to die out.

00:08:47 Kinzie Harvell

And you really don't have any hope then at winning the game.

00:08:50 Kinzie Harvell

So you have to be careful at how contagious a bad attitude is.

00:08:53 Justin Winstead

Yes, sure.

00:08:54 Justin Winstead

So we talk about discouragement being a pain point, but that goes into another pain point and problem of not realizing potential understanding and and that's diminished leadership.

00:09:03 Justin Winstead

So, you know leadership is at the core, just influence and what you were just talking about on a team.

00:09:08 Justin Winstead

Team if you have a slanted view about what the potential is to win a game or to perform at a certain level, then that's going to diminish your leadership.

00:09:17 Justin Winstead

You're not going to inspire people and things that you don't believe right can happen, and this also comes up with our children, right?

00:09:25 Kinzie Harvell

At home.

00:09:25 Justin Winstead

Like what do you think about being a parent?

00:09:27 Justin Winstead

And you don't think?

00:09:29 Justin Winstead

You have much potential you think you're maxed out. You think God's done with you and you've already hit your peak in life?

00:09:34 Justin Winstead

How does that change the way you may?

00:09:37 Justin Winstead

Speak to your children.

00:09:38 Justin Winstead

What comes to mind for you on that.



00:09:40 Kinzie Harvell

Well, for for us you know we're we're called to disciple our children in every area.

00:09:45 Kinzie Harvell

And so I'm just thinking back to home school.

00:09:47 Kinzie Harvell

And when we first realized that we would need to accomplish chemistry this year, my my first thought was I can't do that but to come alongside my oldest.

00:09:57 Kinzie Harvell

And and to really think about the influence, I could have of learning along beside him and to see me struggle a little bit, but really want to do well in that I think it encouraged him, and he even at the end of the year just said that he really loved chemistry.

00:10:11 Kinzie Harvell

So, but another part of that is the diminished influence and leadership on your kids can spill out into other.

00:10:17 Kinzie Harvell

Area that they never see mom or dad willing to step into.

00:10:21 Kinzie Harvell

What the Lord has called them.

00:10:23 Kinzie Harvell

Then they they may not be willing to to answer that call as well and back again to another missed opportunity for.

00:10:30 Kinzie Harvell

Your for your kid.

00:10:32 Justin Winstead

Yeah, because if we're doubting ourselves we're doubting our potential.

00:10:36 Justin Winstead

They're watching that they're probably going to stroll with their own self esteem issues, right?

00:10:40 Justin Winstead

But if we can live in our potential and set that example, that'll definitely help us with our leadership and influence, which goes on to this last little pain point.

00:10:48 Justin Winstead

Talk about just briefly, and that's the fact that your leadership.

00:10:52 Justin Winstead

Over time ends up being your legacy or lack thereof, and so if you don't really understand your potential and the potential of the people around you.

00:11:00 Justin Winstead

If you're not walking into that and living in the.

00:11:02 Justin Winstead

That then, really, you're tarnishing your legacy, your impact that you could have on this world is severely tapped out and limited.

00:11:12 Justin Winstead

If you can't spot potential and know how to walk in that, and be willing to like you, keep saying, take those chances and and go out in that.

00:11:18 Speaker 1


00:11:19 Kinzie Harvell

And who wants to leave a legacy of people going man?

00:11:22 Kinzie Harvell

They had so much potential they just never tapped into it.

00:11:26 Justin Winstead

That is for sure.

00:11:27 Justin Winstead

So look, there's lots of other bad results of not knowing and understanding potential, not living into that.

00:11:33 Justin Winstead

This was just a few only talked about regrets and missed opportunities and discouragement and doubt diminished leadership and then limiting your legacy.

00:11:42 Justin Winstead

And your impact, so hopefully you see that it's very important that as an improver, somebody who wants to make themselves in the world better that you really understand how to look into potential, how to see what potential really is, and how to live into that.

00:11:57 Justin Winstead

And this is a thing that everyone struggles with, really, there's existential questions.

00:12:01 Justin Winstead

In life that we all wrestle with dealing with at every age, you know my origin, where did I come from?

00:12:04 Kinzie Harvell

At every age season.

00:12:08 Justin Winstead

My destiny, where am I going?

00:12:09 Justin Winstead

My identity?

00:12:10 Justin Winstead

You know who am I?

00:12:11 Justin Winstead

This is really a question of capacity.

00:12:13 Kinzie Harvell


00:12:13 Justin Winstead

You know, what can I accomplish?

00:12:15 Justin Winstead

Politian people I said, I know when I was young and this is especially true of a lot of boys.

00:12:19 Justin Winstead

Maybe girls too.

00:12:19 Justin Winstead

You can speak to it, but boys are so competitive 'cause they're always trying to think like how strong am I or how you know how hard can I really push?

00:12:26 Justin Winstead

How well can I really shoot?

00:12:27 Justin Winstead

What can I?

00:12:28 Justin Winstead

What can I really do and so just pushing that 'cause we're asking that question, even sometimes subconsciously?

00:12:34 Justin Winstead

How high is up?

00:12:35 Justin Winstead

What can I really do?

00:12:37 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, the only thing I can speak into the competitiveness is I can give it a man 'cause I watch my own two boys compete at who can eat the most.

00:12:44 Kinzie Harvell

Spaghetti the fastest, yeah?

00:12:46 Justin Winstead

Awesome, well I as a homeschooler, mom and leader and director.

00:12:51 Justin Winstead

I mean you're all around the Latin in the different languages.

00:12:53 Justin Winstead

I love what y'all were doing out there at classical conversations.

00:12:57 Justin Winstead

You know our kids are doing Latin.

00:12:59 Justin Winstead

I looked up the Latin on this, but I've got that Louisiana redneck in me so I don't know if I'm saying this right, but potential comes from potentially Alice I believe.

00:13:08 Justin Winstead

Does that sound right ish?

00:13:09 Kinzie Harvell

That sounds correct.

00:13:11 Kinzie Harvell

I'm not sure my Alabamian is gonna say it any better.

00:13:14 Kinzie Harvell

I I might say I might just give it a little flair with Putin, Cialis or something.

00:13:18 Justin Winstead

Oh, you definitely sound more educated than I do, and then that comes from the word potential, which means power.

00:13:19 Kinzie Harvell

Like that, yeah.

00:13:24 Justin Winstead

It means potent being able, so there's impact that comes from it potentially is from the Greek word dunamis, which is where we get dynamite and so.

00:13:34 Kinzie Harvell

What a?

00:13:34 Kinzie Harvell

Eight word word picture there.

00:13:38 Kinzie Harvell

Of dynamite of the potential of destruction it can have, but the IT has to be ignited by something.

00:13:44 Justin Winstead

Yeah, so so definitely can have an impact and that destruction could be for, you know you're trying to blow up part of a mountain so that you can create a pathway through and so that ends up being good.

00:13:53 Justin Winstead

Or it could be something bad all in how you channel it and so potential is something that.

00:13:58 Justin Winstead

Really just exists in the realm of possibility.

00:14:00 Justin Winstead

It's something that can be developed.

00:14:02 Justin Winstead

It can become actual, but it hasn't yet.

00:14:06 Justin Winstead

So it can, but has not yet come into existence or in the site.

00:14:10 Justin Winstead

It's unexposed ability, you know.

00:14:12 Justin Winstead

Really, as we talk about leadership, you know good leaders can see the unexposed ability of the people that they're leading.

00:14:19 Justin Winstead

That's reserved power, untapped strength, and I think about that all the time.

00:14:23 Justin Winstead

Like if you can spot potential, you can say you know what you're really stronger than you.

00:14:27 Justin Winstead

Realize you are.

00:14:28 Justin Winstead

You've got untapped strength.

00:14:29 Justin Winstead

You've got hidden talents and maybe even dormant gifts.

00:14:32 Justin Winstead

All of that is kind of under this umbrella of potentials, and we talk about potential.

00:14:36 Justin Winstead

That's really what we're getting at is like, hey, you got things inside and the people around you have things that they're capable of.

00:14:43 Justin Winstead

But they're not actually happening yet.

00:14:45 Justin Winstead

Well, we want those things to happen.

00:14:46 Kinzie Harvell


00:14:46 Justin Winstead

We want to.

00:14:47 Justin Winstead

We want to live the very best life that we can make.

00:14:49 Justin Winstead

The biggest impact that we can.

00:14:52 Justin Winstead

So, so as we compare potentiality really, the opposite of that is actuality.

00:14:57 Justin Winstead

'cause at whatever point it becomes actual, it's no longer potential, right?

00:15:01 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, so it kind of goes back to that word picture of dynamite.

00:15:04 Kinzie Harvell

The power is there the the effect it can have in your life is there?

00:15:08 Kinzie Harvell

But you need somebody to ignite it and and we we talked earlier just about the difference between actual versus potential, and so that kind of leads into the impr.

00:15:20 Justin Winstead

Yeah for sure.

00:15:21 Justin Winstead

Yeah, because the improver mindset like it's bad for anybody to sit there and not reach their potential to like man.

00:15:27 Justin Winstead

I've got all this on here, I just need something to light it and I could have such an impact around there and that's bad thing about, but especially for an improver can improve or someone who wants to make the difference.

00:15:37 Justin Winstead

They want to be better.

00:15:38 Justin Winstead

They want to reach full potential we we don't.

00:15:41 Justin Winstead

Like it when something is left on the table as an improver light when it's not used up to its fullest, or there's waste involved and so we don't want to waste little things in life, but we definitely don't want to waste our entire life we don't want to end up not making the impact and thinking about what could have been.

00:15:58 Justin Winstead

And in our lives.

00:15:59 Justin Winstead

So let's go a little bit deeper and wider as we understand potential more.

00:16:04 Justin Winstead

And I think the way we're going to do this is realist.

00:16:06 Justin Winstead

Dive into the barriers and the activators of potential in our life.

00:16:09 Justin Winstead

So what are those things that hold us back from reaching our potential?

00:16:12 Justin Winstead

And what are the things that propel us forward into our potential before we do that, let's take a quick break.

00:16:22 Justin Winstead

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00:16:47 Justin Winstead

All right, welcome back.

00:16:48 Justin Winstead

Well, we're continuing our conversation on potential and what we're going to do now is we're going to jump straight into discussing some barriers of potential, and we say barriers of potential.

00:17:00 Justin Winstead

What we're saying is these are those things that hold us back from being all that we can be accomplishing.

00:17:05 Justin Winstead

What we can accomplish.

00:17:06 Justin Winstead

Mission maybe even on a smaller scale.

00:17:08 Justin Winstead

Just things like keeping us from going to that next level in our business or getting that raise or going after that promotion or performing better, or getting that that project completed.

00:17:17 Justin Winstead

It's all things that can happen, but we have something that is a wall in our way.


Holding us back.

00:17:23 Justin Winstead

It's holding us back, it's keeping us buckled in and we need to.

00:17:26 Justin Winstead

See what these barriers are so we kind of know how to get rid of them and then propel ourselves forward.

00:17:29 Kinzie Harvell

Right, you gotta expose them.

00:17:31 Justin Winstead

So the first barrier that we're going to talk about is this barrier of limiting beliefs, which are actually the results of usually ignorance.

00:17:38 Justin Winstead

We've let lies come in or false thoughts come in and permeate our mind.

00:17:42 Justin Winstead

We have these limiting beliefs that just they hold us down and they hold us back.

00:17:47 Justin Winstead

Tom Ziglar wrote a book called Choose to Win and We Train.

00:17:51 Justin Winstead

On choose to win and one of the illustrations in there is the hot air balloon and the hot air balloon can rise up, and it can go to Gray.

00:17:58 Justin Winstead

Heights, but yet those limiting beliefs are holding it down to the ground.

00:18:02 Justin Winstead

It's like what are those things that they throw out on the hot air balloon a little, but then they're not anchors really sandbags or something, right?

00:18:03 Kinzie Harvell

The anchors, do they come same bag same as yes?

00:18:07 Justin Winstead

Yeah, the sandbags yeah.

00:18:09 Justin Winstead

So those sandbags are keeping the balloon on the ground and it's like you know we have to get rid of those so that we can rise up and be OMB and some.

00:18:17 Justin Winstead

Of us have some sandbags right?

00:18:19 Justin Winstead

We've got some stuff holding us back.

00:18:19 Kinzie Harvell

That's a great visual for.

00:18:20 Kinzie Harvell

Women in belief?

00:18:21 Justin Winstead

And so.

00:18:21 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, it's it's extra weight you don't need.

00:18:23 Justin Winstead

It is excellent.

00:18:24 Justin Winstead

You just gotta get rid of it so that you can go where you need to go.

00:18:27 Justin Winstead

Have you seen limiting beliefs like show up somewhere in your life?

00:18:31 Kinzie Harvell

For sure I.

00:18:33 Kinzie Harvell

I love running but I really wanted to train for a marathon and I just thought it was impossible.

00:18:39 Kinzie Harvell

I I didn't really know how to train.

00:18:42 Kinzie Harvell

I didn't know what kind of plan to follow.

00:18:45 Kinzie Harvell

And so I just I just started running and I remember talking to my granddad about it and we we called him Paul and he was in the military and he just told me.

00:18:55 Kinzie Harvell

He said, Kinsey, can you run a mile?

00:18:57 Kinzie Harvell

And I said, absolutely, and he said, then you can run a marathon.

00:19:01 Kinzie Harvell

Everything after the first mile is all mental, so you just have to keep telling yourself.

00:19:06 Kinzie Harvell

It's just one more mile.

00:19:08 Kinzie Harvell

It's just one more mile.

00:19:09 Kinzie Harvell

And so for me, I was ignorant to the plan, but really, I didn't.

00:19:14 Kinzie Harvell

I didn't have any clue how much of a marathon is mental.

00:19:17 Kinzie Harvell

I thought I really had to physically.

00:19:19 Kinzie Harvell

We trained myself to run 26.2 miles, but if you talk to any marathoner, your longest training run is around 19 or 20 miles. You never really.

00:19:28 Kinzie Harvell

Fully run the 26.2 until the day of because everything else is just mental and encouraging and so you'll see lots of marathoners with quotes on their arms and hashtags on their arms because they're it's a constant battle with your mind. If you keep going.

00:19:43 Justin Winstead

Trying to get rid of their limiting beliefs, they're trying to inspire themselves so his words speaking that into you, said hey, you, you can do this, but you were.

00:19:51 Justin Winstead

You were holding yourself back.

00:19:52 Justin Winstead

You had that limiting belief on.

00:19:55 Justin Winstead

There, yeah, we actually had one of our initial coaching groups here at the improver network and we put out a survey and in that first group 62% of everybody was in the group said that limiting beliefs were a barrier lights for them accomplishing what they want to accomplish. And so man, there's a lot of us out there. We're in our own head.

00:20:07 Kinzie Harvell

I believe that.

00:20:15 Kinzie Harvell

We're our own worst critic and that falls in.

00:20:18 Kinzie Harvell

That's right along with the branding of an improver is where our own worst critic.

00:20:23 Justin Winstead

Inside that, that inner critic is there.

00:20:25 Justin Winstead

Yeah, it's that that guy who brushes his teeth with me every morning in the mirror like it's that guy.

00:20:29 Justin Winstead

He's the problem if I can get him straight, you know everything else in life would be a lot better and so but but unfortunately we create these like little mental prisons and it just keeps us locked in.

00:20:39 Justin Winstead

And like we desire freedom.

00:20:41 Justin Winstead

But yet, we've we've locked ourselves in this prison, and we've chained ourselves down to think that I can't do this, or I'm not qualified, or I don't look good enough for this or.

00:20:53 Kinzie Harvell

Or every other time I've tried.

00:20:55 Kinzie Harvell

I failed.

00:20:55 Justin Winstead

Yes, yes, and so the failure instead of it being the thing that you learn from and grow from it ends up being the thing that just berries.

00:21:02 Justin Winstead

You under and all successful people will tell you that really success is just overcoming your failures instead of letting being buried underneath them right?

00:21:10 Justin Winstead

And so those mental prisons though they.

00:21:13 Justin Winstead

They hold us.

00:21:13 Justin Winstead

Bat so you familiar with the Garden of Eden story.

00:21:17 Justin Winstead

Adam and Eve is that yeah genesis.

00:21:17 Kinzie Harvell

Genesis yeah, sure, I've heard of it.

00:21:19 Justin Winstead

There any bells?

00:21:21 Justin Winstead

You know there was a lie that Satan he actually presented, and it speaks to potential in this into limiting beliefs, and I haven't really talked to you about this already, so I'm putting you on the spot.

00:21:32 Justin Winstead

But is it anything coming to mind right now when you think about like the conversation with Satan in the Garden of Eden?

00:21:40 Justin Winstead

And how it might relate to limiting beliefs or potential I'm putting.

00:21:43 Kinzie Harvell

I'm a little scared answer, but maybe he just twisted gods word to make them believe that they they.

00:21:44 Justin Winstead

You on the spot.

00:21:51 Kinzie Harvell

What they wanted was to be like God when they really had no business to be like involved.

00:21:56 Justin Winstead

Yes, so he was lying about their potential.

00:21:59 Justin Winstead

He's saying essentially the enemy was saying God keeping you from being all that you can be like if you'll do it my way, I'll help you to be what you could really be, but that he.

00:22:11 Kinzie Harvell

Wants to restrain you?

00:22:12 Justin Winstead

He does, and so there's limiting beliefs, but there's also false beliefs that kind of fall in that category as well, where it's like the enemy puts these lies in her head, and he said, you know what?

00:22:21 Justin Winstead

You know you're not being what you should be in this area, or you're not capable of this.

00:22:24 Kinzie Harvell


00:22:25 Justin Winstead

You gotta follow me, but he really tries to like pray.

00:22:30 Justin Winstead

On that inner critic that we have, and that potential aspect on it.

00:22:34 Justin Winstead

And so we just need to call those lies out whenever we feel them coming into our mind.

00:22:39 Justin Winstead

Those mental prisons we need to just those are prisons of our own making.

00:22:42 Justin Winstead

We can.

00:22:43 Justin Winstead

We can walk out at any time and that limiting belief that's holding us back.

00:22:46 Justin Winstead

We can just choose to believe the right thing and we can start.

00:22:49 Justin Winstead

Putting the right stuff in, but we're actually going to talk about activators later, so I don't want to jump ahead, but just realize that one of the barriers for a lot of you out there and the reason you are not accomplishing what you could accomplish is 'cause you're letting limiting beliefs.

00:23:02 Justin Winstead

Hold you back and in a nice way.

00:23:04 Justin Winstead

I'm just going to tell you you're being ignorant.

00:23:06 Justin Winstead

You're ignorant of the truth of what is actually there.

00:23:10 Justin Winstead

And if you can overcome those limiting beliefs for some of you, that's the only thing you need to kick it to the next level.

00:23:15 Kinzie Harvell

And if I can just make this applicable for women, I think one of the lies that we've been told is that we can't give 100% to our job and 100% of ourselves to our home and our children.

00:23:29 Kinzie Harvell

And that's not true either.

00:23:30 Kinzie Harvell

I think that's the life straight from straight from Satan.

00:23:33 Kinzie Harvell

Is that if you are working, then you're sacrificing something at home.

00:23:37 Kinzie Harvell

And if you're at home with your kids and you're sacrificing maybe income, but that's that's not what the Lord tells us.

00:23:43 Kinzie Harvell

And there's so there's so much scripture that reminds us to really rest in what?

00:23:49 Kinzie Harvell

He says, and in his promises and who we can be in him.

00:23:53 Kinzie Harvell

So that's just another little twist that Satan likes to take him play with in our minds.

00:23:58 Justin Winstead

For sure.

00:23:59 Justin Winstead

You know there's another one which is fear.

00:24:01 Justin Winstead

Fear is another barrier to our potential, and everyone has encountered fear in their life.

00:24:07 Justin Winstead

And you talked about risk earlier.

00:24:09 Justin Winstead

Fears are real part of that and fear holds.

00:24:12 Justin Winstead

A lot of people back 'cause they're afraid of the potential ramifications of that decision.

00:24:17 Justin Winstead

Or that choice or doing the thing.

00:24:18 Kinzie Harvell

Right, the what ifs?

00:24:19 Justin Winstead

The what ifs?

00:24:20 Justin Winstead

Yeah, just play in the mind.

00:24:22 Justin Winstead

On there and again as a risk manager, you know I'm always thinking about that, and you know.

00:24:27 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, I've seen you on my trampoline in my pool slide, I know.

00:24:32 Justin Winstead

Yeah, there's.

00:24:32 Justin Winstead

There's fear of that injury and that liability claim there so a few years ago I was in San Diego, CA and attending a conference there and I got to hear a guy speak and I'll confess I really didn't know who he was before.

00:24:46 Justin Winstead

That event and he really didn't fit into the.

00:24:49 Justin Winstead

Same kind of image of a lot of the speakers and so I was really curious on what this guy was going to say.

00:24:55 Justin Winstead

His name was Jesse Itzler.

00:24:57 Justin Winstead

Any of you listeners out there?

00:24:58 Justin Winstead

Ever heard of Jesse Itzler he?

00:25:00 Justin Winstead

I'm pretty.

00:25:00 Kinzie Harvell

Sure he.

00:25:00 Kinzie Harvell

Was on Shark Tank I think.

00:25:01 Justin Winstead

Was he OK?

00:25:02 Kinzie Harvell

For the for the Zico coconut water.

00:25:04 Justin Winstead

OK for the cooking.

00:25:05 Justin Winstead

Alright, I did not know that now.

00:25:07 Kinzie Harvell

If not his wife Roxanne then yeah, maybe that's where.

00:25:08 Justin Winstead

His wife yeah Sara Blakely?

00:25:11 Justin Winstead

Sarah Blakely Blakely Spanx yeah so.

00:25:11 Kinzie Harvell

Sara Blakely with Spanx.

00:25:14 Kinzie Harvell

Justin likes to refer to her as normal.

00:25:17 Justin Winstead

And I don't know why normal, but yes, Sara Blakely.


That's only fair.

00:25:20 Justin Winstead

Thanks for throwing me under the bus here on her podcast.

00:25:22 Kinzie Harvell

You've got potential then.

00:25:23 Kinzie Harvell

You've got so much potential.

00:25:25 Justin Winstead

But yeah, Jesse Itzler yeah married Sara Blakely.

00:25:29 Justin Winstead

In fact, I think there should be a law against billionaires marrying each other.

00:25:32 Justin Winstead

But that's just me.


It's not there.

00:25:33 Justin Winstead

Help out one of us normal folk, but he also founded a company called Marquis Jets and you know, he sold these companies for like over a billion dollars and he's done so many incredible things in his life and and been very productive.

00:25:45 Justin Winstead

In high performance in a lot of ways.

00:25:48 Justin Winstead

He's in one of the things he shared at the conference that really stuck with me.

00:25:52 Justin Winstead

Is he talked about the scary monster that's like holding a lot of his baton and he said it dawned on him one day that that scariest monster that's keeping us in our bed, shaking and keeping us from going out and living the life we were meant to live.

00:26:05 Justin Winstead

It's a figment of her own imagination.

00:26:08 Justin Winstead

It's something that we've actually made up now.

00:26:11 Justin Winstead

Not to say there aren't.

00:26:12 Justin Winstead

In some ways, real monsters out there.

00:26:14 Justin Winstead

There are real danger.

00:26:15 Justin Winstead

Years, but the thing we're most afraid of, we made that one.

00:26:18 Kinzie Harvell

Up, yeah, it's probably not going to happen.

00:26:19 Justin Winstead

It's not, so I'm going to tell you that some of you right now you have got this thing that's keeping you from getting to the next level, and you've in your mind it's a valid reason.

00:26:20 Kinzie Harvell

It's not going to play out.

00:26:31 Justin Winstead

It's it's a good excuse, but let me just tell you you've made that one up.

00:26:35 Justin Winstead

There are factors.

00:26:36 Justin Winstead

There are real risk and whatever it is that.

00:26:39 Justin Winstead

You are aiming to eventually do.

00:26:41 Justin Winstead

But the one you're most worried about, and you're most afraid of right now, let me just say that fear is fake, that beer you just need to get rid of it.

00:26:47 Justin Winstead

It's not there.

00:26:48 Justin Winstead

You need to overcome it.

00:26:49 Justin Winstead

Work through it.

00:26:50 Justin Winstead

Just push through.

00:26:51 Justin Winstead

I think it was Mark Twain that says said courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it.

00:26:57 Justin Winstead

You just need to master that one 'cause that scary monster is just made up.

00:27:00 Kinzie Harvell

And for some of us, the worst thing that can happen if you do step out.

00:27:05 Kinzie Harvell

Is that somebody tells you know, and so if you're if you're a fan of Shark Tank like I just talked about, a lot of them were told no several times before they were told yes, but they acknowledged that that was their biggest fear is being told no, and that's just part of life were told constantly.

00:27:20 Justin Winstead

Yeah, the fear of rejection is holding a lot of people back.

00:27:23 Justin Winstead

The fear of what other people are thinking.

00:27:24 Justin Winstead

The fear of failure and we just we need to just call those fears out and just work through.

00:27:29 Justin Winstead

Umm, you know your husband and I and a few other guys went bird hunting a little while back and I tell you it was something that was extremely windy day.

00:27:37 Justin Winstead

It was really hard hunting that day, but one of the things that really stuck out to me about that is there are several guys out there.

00:27:43 Justin Winstead

We've got the dogs they would come up like on this tree where these pheasants were, or quail or chukkar and.

00:27:49 Justin Winstead

The birds.

00:27:50 Justin Winstead

That flew out and went straight towards our heads like they were attacking us like every one of them survived.

00:27:56 Justin Winstead

You know, here we are with the guns, but it's like Oh my gosh they're they're attacking us.

00:27:59 Kinzie Harvell

The crazy one.

00:28:00 Justin Winstead

You know they're crazy ones just flew straight orders man.

00:28:03 Justin Winstead

They ended up making it OK, but the other ones who kind of flew away from us gave us the ability to lead them, and that's the one that we were actually able to.

00:28:11 Justin Winstead

Harvest and you know, think about it.

00:28:13 Justin Winstead

We're we're kind of like that.

00:28:14 Justin Winstead

Viral load times we're trying to run away from the thing we're or fly away from the thing that we're afraid of.

00:28:20 Justin Winstead

But that actually leads us into the danger when if we'll just go straight to it.

00:28:24 Kinzie Harvell

Confront it, yeah?

00:28:26 Justin Winstead

Yeah, have you ever heard the word picture of the lines like a certain type of that?

00:28:30 Speaker 1

I was gonna.

00:28:31 Kinzie Harvell

I was going to ask you to talk about it because I'm pretty sure that it's the lioness that does the hunting right.

00:28:36 Justin Winstead

Yeah it is.

00:28:37 Justin Winstead

You know the woman power here I see.

00:28:39 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, hear us roar.

00:28:40 Justin Winstead

But yeah, you know there there are some different lines and things that that hike in the normal stalk the prey and and attack.

00:28:48 Justin Winstead

But there are some groups of lines I've been told I've never been.

00:28:51 Justin Winstead

Over there and watched it, but apparently what they do is the female lionesses.

00:28:54 Justin Winstead

They go and get on one side of the prey.

00:28:57 Justin Winstead

And they kind of lie in wait and then the male lion will get on the other side of that wildebeest or zebra or.

00:29:05 Justin Winstead

Warthog Impala is something.

00:29:08 Kinzie Harvell

We don't have.

00:29:08 Justin Winstead

Sounds like meerkat.

00:29:10 Justin Winstead

Yeah, they whatever it is there.

00:29:10 Kinzie Harvell

I'm going The Lion King right now.

00:29:13 Justin Winstead

Whatever it is they're trying to hunt, the male line gets on the opposite side, and then he begins to just roar very loudly on it.

00:29:20 Justin Winstead

And of course, what does that innocent Impala do?

00:29:24 Kinzie Harvell

It scares them and they've learned from it.

00:29:24 Justin Winstead

It scares off runs away from the roar and right into the Linus is that are just lying in wait and then trapped.

00:29:32 Justin Winstead

Right into his death.

00:29:34 Justin Winstead

And you know, it's a weird thing, but if the Impala would just have run towards the roar, that was actually a greater chance of survival.

00:29:42 Justin Winstead

One 'cause there's only one line, but two 'cause it's a male and everybody knows the female scent better than.

00:29:46 Justin Winstead

The males right now.

00:29:46 Kinzie Harvell

Oh yeah, it's a fact, absolutely.

00:29:49 Justin Winstead

Yeah, so look, some of you have fear out there.

00:29:51 Justin Winstead

It's holding you back, you know it.

00:29:53 Justin Winstead

You need to just call that fear out, acknowledge it for what it is.

00:29:56 Justin Winstead

Decide that you can't wait for the fear to go away, but you're just going to plow through it anyway.

00:30:00 Justin Winstead

You're going to master the fear.

00:30:01 Justin Winstead

Do it, afraid.

00:30:02 Justin Winstead

You know it's that limiting belief.

00:30:04 Justin Winstead

He just got a name in there and push forward.

00:30:07 Justin Winstead

And then there's one more barrier to our potential that really keeps her from being all that we can be.

00:30:11 Justin Winstead

And that is this barrier of procrastination.

00:30:14 Kinzie Harvell

This is annoying to me.

00:30:17 Kinzie Harvell

I'm sure to most parents too.

00:30:19 Kinzie Harvell

I see here that you have a note, but I'm just going to take it and run with it just.

00:30:24 Kinzie Harvell

Our children in general, when we when we tend to ask them to to have what is it slow?

00:30:31 Kinzie Harvell

Obedience is no obedience, and so whenever I will ask, you know, can you do this?

00:30:36 Kinzie Harvell

Can you do that?

00:30:36 Kinzie Harvell

And it's just.

00:30:37 Kinzie Harvell

One minute, just one minute. Yeah, I'll get to it. I'll get to it. Well, well that's really no obedience and we talked earlier about how the Lord's Love language is obedience.

00:30:38 Justin Winstead

Yeah, later just later.

00:30:50 Kinzie Harvell

We don't, you know.

00:30:50 Kinzie Harvell

As believers, we don't have too much else to offer the Lord and so our quick obedience is his love language.

00:30:57 Justin Winstead

Yeah for sure.

00:30:59 Justin Winstead

You know, here in the South we have a lot of you in the South that are listening to our podcast, and there's a phrase that I heard growing up and that phrase was fixing to and there's no G in there anywhere about fixing to, and it was, you know, Oh well, you know I'm fixing to go do that or you know it was a project.

00:31:15 Justin Winstead

It was a chore, something that needed to be done.

00:31:17 Justin Winstead

We're like, well, I'm.

00:31:17 Justin Winstead

Fixing to, well, you know, just go do it.

00:31:20 Justin Winstead

I should have fix it right then.

00:31:21 Kinzie Harvell

Get to it.

00:31:22 Justin Winstead

And so, but yeah, children, teens, you know we'd like to.

00:31:25 Justin Winstead

It's easy for us as parents, we do look at them 'cause sometimes they move at the speed of a sloth, but.

00:31:31 Kinzie Harvell

And it, and really it plays into a lot of times the things that they were the most fearful of.

00:31:36 Kinzie Harvell

We tend to procrastinate the longest on.

00:31:38 Justin Winstead

Yes, so that does tie in, you know, really, these things build on one another.

00:31:41 Justin Winstead

You have limiting beliefs and ignorance that leads to fear, which leads you procrastinating.

00:31:45 Justin Winstead

And not moving on it.

00:31:47 Justin Winstead

But you know, it's not just with our kids and in our families where we see this, you know, is in our workplaces, it's in our churches and charities ministries.

00:31:54 Justin Winstead

It's in our neighborhoods.

00:31:56 Justin Winstead

You know, citizens where it's just like, oh I'll do it.

00:31:59 Justin Winstead

I'll get around to it.

00:32:00 Speaker 1


00:32:00 Justin Winstead

I've one day someday and then tomorrow never comes.

00:32:04 Kinzie Harvell

Right, and then you're back to regretting that you didn't start something sooner.

00:32:08 Justin Winstead

Going back to that pain point of regret, that pain point of missed opportunity and yeah, limited.

00:32:08 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, going back to that.

00:32:14 Justin Winstead

Pat, so these things really hold us back.

00:32:18 Justin Winstead

There was a quote on this and it's an anonymous quote, but it really has a lot of power and I think I stole this off of social media is one of the few things every now and then social media comes through and gives me something worthwhile.

00:32:28 Justin Winstead

And this was one of them.

00:32:30 Justin Winstead

So procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you.

00:32:35 Justin Winstead

Another opportunity to do what you had time to do.

00:32:39 Justin Winstead

And I remember reading that I was like man.

00:32:41 Justin Winstead

So let me it just had so much impact on me.

00:32:43 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, let's hear it again.

00:32:44 Justin Winstead

Let's let's hear it again.

00:32:45 Justin Winstead

Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another opportunity to do what you already had time to do.

00:32:54 Justin Winstead

So you had time to do it, but you put it off.

00:32:56 Justin Winstead

You were lazy.

00:32:57 Justin Winstead

You were focused on other things.

00:32:59 Justin Winstead

You had the time to do it, and when you procrastinate, you're essentially saying, OK, God, you gave me time to do it, but you're going to give me, you know, we we assume we take it for granted that that we do have tomorrow that we do have later.

00:33:04 Kinzie Harvell


00:33:10 Justin Winstead

And that's really arrogance.

00:33:11 Justin Winstead

Humility says, you know what?

00:33:13 Justin Winstead

I'm not going to put off tomorrow.

00:33:14 Justin Winstead

What I can do to.

00:33:15 Justin Winstead

Today I'm going to jump on it.

00:33:17 Justin Winstead

I'm going to take care of this thing and get it done.

00:33:19 Kinzie Harvell

And as believers, we really need to kind of live in anticipation that he he orchestrates things to happen in his timing.

00:33:26 Kinzie Harvell

So we need to jump on the chance to be obedient to him.

00:33:29 Justin Winstead

Yeah, so these are the three big barriers.

00:33:32 Justin Winstead

Potential there are more, and in fact, if you've got a barrier that you feel like particularly relevant or you would like us to maybe talk about on a future podcast, why don't you send us a note support at improver dot network or connect with us on social.

00:33:43 Justin Winstead

Let us know say, hey, I think this is a really big hindrance to people reaching their potential.

00:33:48 Justin Winstead

We'd love to hear.

00:33:48 Justin Winstead

Hear from you on that, but.

00:33:50 Kinzie Harvell

Right, this isn't an exhaustive list, we're aware, yeah?

00:33:52 Justin Winstead

Definitely not, Yep, but these are three big things that really build on each other and they are very common and especially in the mindset of an improver.

00:34:00 Justin Winstead

These things are maybe even louder than they are in the average, you know, personal things like procrastination.

00:34:05 Justin Winstead

You know sometimes our perfectionist tendencies you know or aim, aim, aim keeps us from firing, and so this is really relevant.

00:34:13 Justin Winstead

To us in our network.

00:34:14 Justin Winstead

Well, hopefully this information is helpful so far as we talked about barriers to potential, we're going to get into activators, but let's pause for just a few moments for a quick break, and we'll get you right after the message.

00:34:27 Justin Winstead

Hello improvers, this is Justin Winstead, the improver coach.

00:34:31 Justin Winstead

I hope you're enjoying this podcast.

00:34:33 Justin Winstead

I wanted to take just a moment to let you know about an incredible tool that I've personally been using for many years to help accomplish my goals and push towards my vision.

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So if you want to achieve more goals with extra clarity and intense focus, go get your whole focus planner today by visiting the fullfocusplanner.com. That's the fullfocusplanner.com you can pick out your favorite cover and your favorite color.

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Here there's lots of options to choose from, and I can assure you if you want to advance goals and multiple domains of life at one time, you want to get clarity, get focused, go for balance.

00:35:45 Justin Winstead

You want this full focus planner, so the full focus planner.

00:35:49 Justin Winstead

Com and that's an added bonus.

00:35:51 Justin Winstead

You have me as your improver coach to come alongside.

00:35:54 Justin Winstead

And help you out.

00:35:54 Justin Winstead

I'm a full focus Planner certified Pro and I'm happy to serve you in any way I can just reach out to me by e-mail Justin at improver dot coach.

00:36:03 Justin Winstead

That's Justin at improver dot coach.

00:36:08 Justin Winstead

OK, we're back with you.

00:36:10 Justin Winstead

Hey Kenzie, why don't you lead us away here?

00:36:12 Kinzie Harvell

Let's switch gears a little bit.

00:36:13 Kinzie Harvell

We've talked about barriers, but what are some activators of potential?

00:36:17 Kinzie Harvell

And if you're paying attention, you're going to notice that these are opposites of one another.

00:36:22 Kinzie Harvell

As we talk through.

00:36:23 Justin Winstead

Them yeah, so the activators are opposites of the barriers on it.

00:36:26 Justin Winstead

So we had three barriers.

00:36:27 Justin Winstead

We got 3 activators.

00:36:29 Justin Winstead

So when we say activator.

00:36:30 Justin Winstead

By the way, this kind of comes from this idea of Aristotle.

00:36:32 Justin Winstead

So you know he mentions the unmoved mover as it relates potentials because he posited that potentials cannot self actualize and so potentials just stay potentials unless something comes along and triggers it pushes it, causes it to move, and so there's got to be some unmoved mover that comes along and helps to.

00:36:53 Justin Winstead

That thing to come to reality and we kind of going back to the dynamite.

00:36:55 Kinzie Harvell

We get.

00:36:56 Justin Winstead

Yeah lighting that fuse and so these are essentially the the lighting.

00:37:00 Justin Winstead

The fuse on is what these act.

00:37:02 Justin Winstead

Invaders are 'cause as we dive into that word of potential a little bit more on it.

00:37:07 Justin Winstead

You know it talked about being dormant and untapped, unused, hidden, all right.

00:37:12 Justin Winstead

So in order to to reach our potential, we need to activate it.

00:37:15 Justin Winstead

We need to tap it, use it, discover it.

00:37:17 Justin Winstead

But there's also a little deeper level of this too, because even though some of those synonyms of potential

00:37:23 Justin Winstead

Lean towards what's attainable or capable.

00:37:26 Justin Winstead

It also can lead towards what's dormant, comatose, or lethargy.

00:37:29 Kinzie Harvell

And this is what I was getting at earlier with my first comment of didn't you take it as an insult that so many people told you you have potential?

00:37:37 Kinzie Harvell

Because I would have taken that same compliment and seen it as an insult of Oh my goodness, you're being so lethargic right now.

00:37:44 Kinzie Harvell

I can see all the potential in you, but you're just not activating it.

00:37:47 Kinzie Harvell

You're just not using.

00:37:48 Justin Winstead

Yeah, you're in a walking coma or somebody. Yeah, I never took it that way when they said I always thought was inspiring like 01 day.

00:37:53 Justin Winstead

You're going to be something, no, you know.

00:37:55 Kinzie Harvell

Well, do you see the glasses?

00:37:56 Justin Winstead

Full or half.

00:37:57 Justin Winstead

And yeah, hey, I was being optimistic in that but yeah, but that whole idea of potential can have the connotation of a comatose and lethargic and like you're there, but you need something to help you get moving and that's what the.


I have it.

00:38:09 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, swift kick in the **** basically.

00:38:11 Justin Winstead

Well, well that's these activators are going to be.

00:38:14 Justin Winstead

We're about to give some of you a swift.

00:38:15 Justin Winstead

Kick Are you ready for it so?

00:38:18 Justin Winstead

Here we go, the first activator to your potential is really just truth.

00:38:24 Justin Winstead

It is bringing truth into your life.

00:38:27 Justin Winstead

Now move back up just a minute because everybody in our culture or society may think what truth is everywhere.

00:38:34 Justin Winstead

Of course, truth you know it informations everywhere.

00:38:37 Justin Winstead

Data supposit facts like you can go click tap and you can get answers.

00:38:43 Justin Winstead

But those answers aren't always truth, right?

00:38:47 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, and I I like that, you're you're saying there's only one ultimate truth and that brings you into the awareness of your potential?

00:38:54 Kinzie Harvell

And we've we've kind of talked about, really.

00:38:56 Kinzie Harvell

The only truth comes from the Holy Spirit, living and breathing and working inside of us.

00:39:02 Justin Winstead

Yeah, and some people out there if you're I've listened this far.

00:39:05 Justin Winstead

You may disagree with this idea of absolute truth, but there is an absolute truth, and if you say there's not one, you're making an absolute truth statement, so you're kind of contradicting yourself.

00:39:15 Justin Winstead

But there is an absolute truth out there, and they're their truth in their lives, and it's not your truth and my truth.

00:39:21 Justin Winstead

That's not the way it works.

00:39:22 Justin Winstead

There's a reality, and there is a truth, and as long as you are in denial.

00:39:26 Justin Winstead

About what is real and what is actual and what is true, you will never walk in your fullest potential.

00:39:34 Justin Winstead

Because when you're not in the realm of truth, you're in the realm of the limiting beliefs that we talked about earlier in that barrier, and so the antidote to your barrier to that barrier of limiting belief and ignorance is to actually have truth, and so there's lots of ways to get truth.

00:39:49 Justin Winstead

We talked about a couple of podcasts ago about content making.

00:39:53 Justin Winstead

Sure you got the right kind of truthful content.

00:39:55 Justin Winstead

Coming in the community you live in can either speak truth into your life or they can speak lies.

00:40:01 Justin Winstead

Into your life and then having a coach that can help you identify truth and justice.

00:40:05 Justin Winstead

Bring awareness on that so you get that information which then turns to wisdom on that you anything else you want to add on the truth activator.

00:40:12 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, just a few things.

00:40:14 Kinzie Harvell

He talked about if we we are believers and I'm sure you've realized that by now.

00:40:19 Kinzie Harvell

But a lot of times even believers don't access the truth they have, and they're they limit themselves by just walking into flesh.

00:40:25 Kinzie Harvell

And so Ephesians 320 talks about how, if we're if we're willing to let God power kind of work and move in US, then he can do exceedingly and abundantly more.

00:40:34 Kinzie Harvell

In US than we could ever think.

00:40:37 Kinzie Harvell

And so then you also talked about in our past podcast.

00:40:40 Kinzie Harvell

We talked about community and coaching and so this whole idea of truth and awareness.

00:40:46 Kinzie Harvell

A lot of time stems from a coach.

00:40:49 Kinzie Harvell

And speaking into your life and making you aware of your potential, and so as a former teacher and as a former coach, there have been times when I've had to point this out to a student and hopefully they were willing to listen and then really see themselves blossom into the great artists that they were or the great volleyball player that they could be.

00:41:06 Kinzie Harvell

They just needed somebody to point it out to them.

00:41:08 Justin Winstead

Yeah, thank you for sharing that.

00:41:10 Justin Winstead

Well, so truth, that's an activator for you.

00:41:13 Justin Winstead

Get into what is real.

00:41:14 Justin Winstead

Get into the scripture.

00:41:16 Justin Winstead

Read books, study tall people.

00:41:19 Justin Winstead

Get wise counsel, but find a way to speak truth and have truth to be the light into your situation and that'll help you to go towards in your in your journey there.

00:41:29 Justin Winstead

Another activator for your potential is going to be faith and faith and truth are tidying closely together.

00:41:36 Justin Winstead

Faith for a lot of people, and then they've got kind of the wrong idea.

00:41:39 Justin Winstead

I think for a lot of people faith is just this mental hope of something that they want to be true, but it probably isn't or might not be, and that some people have this idea of almost like they.

00:41:43 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, dreams.

00:41:51 Justin Winstead

It's almost like they suggest that all faith is blind faith, so they.

00:41:55 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, it's not, it's nothing.

00:41:57 Justin Winstead

Concrete yeah, so so if you've got faith and that's just a blind faith, you're just you're just blindly wishing that that thing would be or is.

00:42:05 Justin Winstead

Is when we talk about faith.

00:42:07 Justin Winstead

That's not what we're talking about at all.

00:42:08 Justin Winstead

We're actually talking about a trust, and it can be a reasonable faith.

00:42:12 Justin Winstead

It can be based on historical data and experiences where you look at what actually has happened and we talked about those voices.

00:42:19 Kinzie Harvell


00:42:21 Justin Winstead

That kind of come in, and they tell us you can't do that or shouldn't.

00:42:23 Justin Winstead

Well, sometimes if we just look at what's already happened.

00:42:26 Justin Winstead

We can speak truth in that, and we say no, you know what I'm going to strengthen my faith.

00:42:30 Justin Winstead

Keith, right now because I've already been through this before.

00:42:33 Justin Winstead

Look what I've already accomplished.

00:42:35 Justin Winstead

Why can't I accomplish this?

00:42:36 Justin Winstead

I've already gone farther than I thought I could go.

00:42:38 Justin Winstead

Maybe I can go.



00:42:39 Justin Winstead

Even farther than this, in the.

00:42:40 Kinzie Harvell

Lord gave us a whole lot of people to look at and see the promises he made to them and the the things he brought them through in his word.

00:42:49 Kinzie Harvell

In truth, in the Bible and what a gift he left us to be able to look back and.

00:42:54 Kinzie Harvell

And see that he was calling people to do things that they thought were crazy, but by faith they continued to follow him and he was able to come to accomplish his will through them.

00:43:05 Kinzie Harvell

But also get them to realize their full potential in his bigger story.

00:43:09 Justin Winstead

Yeah, 'cause you have people who were nobody's who made an absolute impact on the entire world, and we may even still be impacted and encouraged by them today.

00:43:17 Justin Winstead

One of my favorite stories about this idea of faith is Charles Blondin.

00:43:21 Justin Winstead

You ever heard of him?

00:43:22 Justin Winstead

Have you heard the story about the tightrope Walker?

00:43:23 Kinzie Harvell

I've heard this story and I love it.

00:43:24 Kinzie Harvell

Every time you tell it, but you always leave us at a cliffhanger.

00:43:27 Kinzie Harvell

So today I'm gonna make sure you don't.

00:43:28 Justin Winstead

Oh OK, the cliffhanger alright.

00:43:30 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, we'll see.

00:43:30 Justin Winstead

We'll have to think about what that is, but if you haven't heard the story of Charles Blondin, the famous tightrope Walker, he was incredible at just wowing the crowds at his ability to walk across a tightrope.

00:43:42 Justin Winstead

And I mean he would do it from incredible heights.

00:43:44 Justin Winstead

With no safety Nets, you know, I think at one point he actually got a cast iron skillet, heated it up and cooked an omelet, or else he did it blindfolded and he would do it, holding things juggling.

00:43:54 Justin Winstead

So he was always wowing the crowds with his ability to walk across these tight ropes.

00:43:59 Justin Winstead

Well, one day, he's actually tightroping across Niagara Falls, and he completes this feat.

00:44:05 Justin Winstead

But then he goes to the crowd, and he has a wheelbarrow.

00:44:08 Justin Winstead

Is that wheelbarrow barrel Barrow?

00:44:10 Kinzie Harvell

Bro oh Allah barrel.

00:44:13 Justin Winstead

Oh man, my Louisiana is coming out.


I don't know.

00:44:14 Justin Winstead

Sorry, no offense over at Louisiana listeners there.

00:44:17 Justin Winstead

But yeah the wheelbarrow so he's got one little single wheel in the front.

00:44:20 Justin Winstead

The two handles and got the little container there and he says who in this crowd thinks that I can push someone across Niagara Falls in this wheelbarrow.

00:44:31 Justin Winstead

And you know the crowd.

00:44:32 Justin Winstead

Whenever they did, you know what their reaction was?

00:44:34 Justin Winstead

Yeah, of course they flapped and like you're the best you can do anything.

00:44:34 Kinzie Harvell

Last plotted.

00:44:38 Justin Winstead

Charles you we know you can, you can push someone across.

00:44:41 Justin Winstead

So then he followed up by saying kind of have a volunteer and then what happened nobody no hands went up at all so.

00:44:50 Kinzie Harvell

They did not have the faith or trust.

00:44:52 Justin Winstead

In things there's and that is really the key is, you know, the first time he asked question, who believes that I can push someone across?

00:44:58 Justin Winstead

They really a lot of them believed like mentally.

00:45:00 Justin Winstead

They accepted that yes, that's possible.

00:45:03 Justin Winstead

It's likely it's probable, like I do.

00:45:05 Justin Winstead

Believe in that, but that belief hadn't moved from the head to the heart where they were willing to trust.

00:45:10 Justin Winstead

They weren't willing to get in, so they they didn't believe it that much, so it's believe versus really believe.

00:45:16 Justin Winstead

And we talk about faith being an activator of your potential.

00:45:20 Justin Winstead

Some of you got to move that from your head to the heart.

00:45:22 Justin Winstead

You got to go from you mentally.

00:45:25 Justin Winstead

Knowledge that yes, I know I could be anything.

00:45:28 Justin Winstead

Yes, I know I could make 7 figures if I want it.

00:45:30 Justin Winstead

Yes, I know I could reach thousands, you know, with my message, yes, I know I could.

00:45:35 Justin Winstead

And you've got this mental thing, but you haven't moved it from your head to your heart where you're ready to get in and trust you haven't.

00:45:41 Justin Winstead

You haven't said OK, God, you know what?

00:45:43 Justin Winstead

If you've called me to?

00:45:44 Justin Winstead

This I'm going to get into the wheelbarrow and let you push me across.

00:45:47 Justin Winstead

Let's see where this thing goes.

00:45:48 Justin Winstead

And so some of you need to start trusting today.

00:45:51 Justin Winstead

You need to grow your faith today and that will just really be the thing that puts your potential in motion where you start being able to activate it there.

00:46:01 Kinzie Harvell

Right and so for us to do that.

00:46:02 Kinzie Harvell

We just got to begin and so.

00:46:05 Justin Winstead

Yeah, which is that last activator, right?

00:46:07 Justin Winstead

Is action you just gotta start.

00:46:07 Speaker 1


00:46:08 Justin Winstead

You just got to take the step and so our three activators are truth, faith and action.

00:46:14 Justin Winstead

And so if you want to.

00:46:15 Justin Winstead

You know, just very simply today.

00:46:17 Justin Winstead

How do I live in in my potential?

00:46:19 Justin Winstead

Well, you got to start out by bringing truth into your life and really start having people in your inner circle that speak truth to you.

00:46:27 Justin Winstead

You need to just start walking in faith and you need to start believing and I'm talking about really believing like get rid of that fear.

00:46:33 Justin Winstead

Move forward in faith and just start taking those action steps.

00:46:38 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, I love what our pastor he he says this constantly and it's not like you're it's not like you're asking the Lord to show you hey.

00:46:48 Kinzie Harvell

In five years can you show?

00:46:50 Kinzie Harvell

Me my my full potential all you're asking him to do is hey show me the next right step tomorrow and then show me the next slide set.

00:46:58 Kinzie Harvell

But if you're never willing to take that first step, then you're then you're not going to ever attain your goals.

00:47:04 Kinzie Harvell

You're not going to ever really show that you're trusting him with your with your full faith, so how can, how can.

00:47:10 Kinzie Harvell

He leads you if you're not willing to take that first step and trust him with the with the little bit of purpose that he is willing to show you.

00:47:18 Justin Winstead

You are so correct on that and you just reminded me of when I was doing youth ministry out in Louisiana and I decided I wanted to inspire my leaders.

00:47:26 Justin Winstead

So I took them to a ropes course 'cause I thought they could benefit from it, right?

00:47:30 Kinzie Harvell


00:47:30 Justin Winstead

You know, I was really being prideful in this thing, and so we get out there.

00:47:34 Justin Winstead

We get our helmets on and I don't know if you've ever done these ropes courses, but lots of different obstacles.

00:47:37 Kinzie Harvell

And scare me to death.

00:47:39 Justin Winstead

Definitely some scary.

00:47:41 Justin Winstead

Moments and there was one obstacle in particular.

00:47:43 Justin Winstead

It was like these two electrical poles, and they were.

00:47:46 Justin Winstead

I don't know, maybe 30 or 40 yards apart from each other and there was a a wire cable running across and then there was another wire cable above that one and the the one that was up high had ropes that were dangling.

00:48:00 Justin Winstead

Down from that cable, and So what you had to do is you had to climb up.

00:48:03 Justin Winstead

There is these little handles on the electrical pole you had to climb up the electrical pole and put your feet on the bottom cable and then you had to grab the ropes hanging from the top.

00:48:13 Justin Winstead

Cable and you had to kind of shimmy sideways across that.

00:48:18 Justin Winstead

Now look we're strapped into.

00:48:19 Justin Winstead

They're doing the whole ballet thing and so if you fall you're you're safe but your brain isn't factoring that piece in.


Say yes.

00:48:26 Justin Winstead

I get to the top and you know everything.

00:48:28 Justin Winstead

So far so good and I do get a little bit of Vertigo so I don't really like heights, but I was still doing pretty good.

00:48:33 Justin Winstead

Hidden I I get from to the top of the pole and then I grabbed the first rope and I'm like this is great and I go to reach to the second rope so I go left and I'm reaching as far as I can and I can't reach that rope 'cause I'm still hanging on to the first rope and then I go back and I try it again.

00:48:49 Justin Winstead

Do them all times.

00:48:50 Justin Winstead

I realize these jokers intentionally built.

00:48:53 Justin Winstead

This ropes course where I had to let go of the one rope before I could get to the next one.

00:48:59 Justin Winstead

But I was too scared because I liked that safety.

00:49:02 Justin Winstead

Of where it was.

00:49:02 Kinzie Harvell

And that's why.

00:49:02 Kinzie Harvell

They name him like the trust fall the faith stepper, you know.

00:49:04 Justin Winstead

The truth.

00:49:06 Justin Winstead

That's the way it is, and so eventually I did complete it, but it was a.

00:49:10 Justin Winstead

It was a huge leap of faith to take that step of.

00:49:12 Justin Winstead

I'm going to let go of this rope where I feel safe and secure, and I'm going to grab the other one.

00:49:17 Justin Winstead

And like you said, sometimes you don't get the next step.

00:49:20 Justin Winstead

Until that you can't grab the next rope until you're willing to let go of this.

00:49:24 Justin Winstead

One and you know, so the procrastinator out there.

00:49:28 Justin Winstead

Their love language is.

00:49:31 Justin Winstead

Later, you know they just are always putting it off. We kind of talked about procrastination a little bit already, but like you're saying, you know, listening and obeying like that's God's love language, and that's how we show him that we love him is by by taking action when he calls us to take action. We don't have to have it all figured out. We don't have to see all of the steps.

00:49:50 Justin Winstead

Or have all the ropes?

00:49:51 Justin Winstead

In our hands we just have to go one step at a time.

00:49:54 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, we've we've heard his voice and there's a reason that his word is called a lamp to our feet.

00:50:00 Kinzie Harvell

It only illuminates the very next step.

00:50:03 Kinzie Harvell

It's not a.

00:50:03 Kinzie Harvell

It's not this bright light that shows us the whole way and the finish line.

00:50:07 Kinzie Harvell

It's just one step at a time.

00:50:09 Justin Winstead

That's a really good good word, and you know one of the things that I think about potential is if someone has reached their full potential when they go to eternity, their welcome should be well done.

00:50:20 Justin Winstead

You were good, you were faithful.

00:50:21 Justin Winstead

You served well.

00:50:23 Justin Winstead

That's somebody who reached their full potential.

00:50:25 Justin Winstead

But what's not said of that person in the scripture is it doesn't say, well said, well thought, out well, tried, well attempted, well imagined.

00:50:30 Kinzie Harvell

Nice try.

00:50:35 Justin Winstead

You know it's the potential is not what's rewarded the action and the doing it.

00:50:41 Justin Winstead

The well done is what is rewarded and so some of us like.

00:50:45 Justin Winstead

As William Woodsworth said, to begin.

00:50:47 Justin Winstead

Begin in fact, there's like just a few minutes left on this podcast.

00:50:51 Justin Winstead

As soon as you get finished listening to this, go do the thing right, you know.

00:50:54 Kinzie Harvell

Don't fixing to be doing it.

00:50:54 Justin Winstead

Make the call.

00:50:56 Justin Winstead

Yes, just work through it so.

00:50:59 Justin Winstead

So there are those three activators of your potential and so we talked about barriers.

00:51:04 Justin Winstead

Those barriers are limiting beliefs, fear and procrastination.

00:51:07 Justin Winstead

They build on one another, but the good thing is the antidote does as well.

00:51:10 Justin Winstead

The more truth and awareness you bring into your life, the more faith you're going to have and.

00:51:15 Justin Winstead

When you have more faith, it's going to lead to the right actions, and so if you want to live in your potential like it is, do that.

00:51:23 Justin Winstead

Take advantage of opportunities for truth, faith and ah.

00:51:26 Justin Winstead

Action and then of course at the improver network we talk about the way to really live into your potential is know your purpose and why you were put on this planet and do that really, effectively and so other than looking for opportunities for truth, faith in action.

00:51:40 Justin Winstead

It is hey.

00:51:41 Justin Winstead

Do I know why I'm here?

00:51:42 Justin Winstead

Do I know what my assignment is?

00:51:44 Justin Winstead

Do I know how God made me and what he's called me to do?

00:51:46 Justin Winstead

And am I doing that in an effective and efficient way?

00:51:49 Justin Winstead

Am I being productive with it?

00:51:51 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, and so why don't you take a minute and tell us?

00:51:54 Kinzie Harvell

Somehow the improver network can walk us OP can walk beside us and help us live our life in and walk in our full potential.

00:52:01 Justin Winstead

Yeah, really, there's lots of things that we do, but I would say as it relates to this topic it would be is that we want to spur you on to take those steps.

00:52:08 Kinzie Harvell

Wanna light your dynamite?

00:52:08 Justin Winstead

You know this accident stuff?

00:52:10 Justin Winstead

That's right, we want to light it up and just get you moving.

00:52:13 Justin Winstead

And so sometimes just be in.

00:52:14 Justin Winstead

In the improve our network and around the people here.

00:52:16 Justin Winstead

Here they're just going to push you to take take those steps and encourage you along the way.

00:52:19 Kinzie Harvell

It's it's contagious.

00:52:21 Justin Winstead

Yes, yeah, you mentioned at the beginning of our podcast that discouragement and pessimism can be contagious, but so can encouragement and optimism and hope that can spread as well.

00:52:21 Kinzie Harvell

That attitude is contagious.

00:52:32 Justin Winstead

So being an environment with like minded people who are positive will spur you on.

00:52:36 Justin Winstead

In that we also talked about truth a lot today and speaking truth through the lies will be in in a Community that really helps you to get out of your own head, helps to quiet down all the competing voices in the world because you got the media politicians you got entertainment, education, everybody got their thing they're pushing and there.

00:52:55 Justin Winstead

Selling and you really need to be able to decipher what the truth is out there, and being in a community like ours, we help to parse through all the noise and get to the truth.

00:53:05 Kinzie Harvell

And acts as a filter.

00:53:05 Justin Winstead

Get rid of those limiting beliefs.

00:53:06 Justin Winstead

Yeah, that's that's a great way to think about it.

00:53:08 Justin Winstead

Yeah, we help filter out all the junk of the world and help you to focus on what really matters.

00:53:13 Justin Winstead

And then the last big thing I think.

00:53:15 Justin Winstead

It's helping you with your strategy.

00:53:16 Justin Winstead

Just giving you a plan 'cause some of us we're never going to alter the trajectory of our life until we actually refine or create a plan, and so the.

00:53:25 Kinzie Harvell

Right and a lot of us need help in organizing that and knowing which step comes next and and we, we talked about this in other.

00:53:32 Kinzie Harvell

Or podcast, but just giving us a map that gets us from A to B.

00:53:37 Kinzie Harvell

Not necessarily the fastest way, but the most efficient way and how to avoid obstacles and detours.

00:53:43 Kinzie Harvell

And I really think that's where coaching can help.

00:53:46 Kinzie Harvell

Can help you reach your full potential.

00:53:48 Justin Winstead

Yeah, for sure having that strategy and plan, and so that's really what we do.

00:53:52 Justin Winstead

So as we kind of wrap up the podcast we just want you to know that our hope our prayer for you is that if you're listening that this has been an encouragement to you today because we want you to be what God called you to be, we want you God given you a certain potential.

00:54:06 Justin Winstead

And by the way, your potential.

00:54:08 Justin Winstead

This limitless, you know, God says all things are possible with him.

00:54:11 Justin Winstead

The the only limitations are the limitations that he's put on you by virtue of the calling and his laws like that.

00:54:18 Justin Winstead

That's your boundaries, but but with God, like like you said earlier, he can do so much more in our lives than we can imagine, or ask or think.

00:54:27 Justin Winstead

And so some of you right now you're settling for less.

00:54:30 Justin Winstead

We talked.

00:54:31 Justin Winstead

Our very first podcast about it is good to be content with what God's given you in your life. But that doesn't mean you'd be complacent.

00:54:39 Justin Winstead

And some of you right now you are living in complacency and we just want to encourage you and challenge you.

00:54:45 Justin Winstead

You've got potential.

00:54:46 Kinzie Harvell

Yeah, we're giving you that swift kick in the **** right now as lovingly as we can.

00:54:46 Justin Winstead

You're not there recently.

00:54:51 Justin Winstead

Absolutely get out like you were created for more you were created for more and we want to come alongside you and help you to activate that potential and to reach it and so let us know how we can help reach out to us support at improver.

00:55:08 Justin Winstead

Network connect with us on social comment on maybe your podcast app will allow you to leave a comment there.

00:55:14 Justin Winstead

Just engage with us, but we want you to know that we're here for you.

00:55:17 Justin Winstead

We're praying for all of our listeners today that you can be all that God called you to be.

00:55:22 Justin Winstead

Until next time stay good and keep getting better.

00:55:24 Justin Winstead

OK see ya, alright see ya.

00:55:26 Justin Winstead

Thank you for listening to this production of the Improver Network podcast.

00:55:30 Justin Winstead

Be sure to subscribe so you can catch future episodes.

00:55:34 Justin Winstead

For more information about the improver network, visit us online at Improver Network.

00:55:42 Justin Winstead

Improve your network and connect with us on social until next time keep getting better.

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