The Improver Parenting Trap

As Improvers, we look to make things (and people) better than before.  We put immense pressure on ourselves to adjust, evolve, and adapt to the best version we can be.   We don't want to see wasted potential.

However, this drive to be better can cause us to always be looking at the next best thing.  We're always climbing the next rung on the ladder and never turning around to take in the view.  This is not healthy for ourselves or our teams, but where this perhaps has the most negative impact is on our family.   

If you are a parent, you desire the best for your child.  You want them to be all they can be.  Herein lies the trap...what if in your desire to improve, you are actually causing harm or making things worse?

@improvercoach spends 10 minutes unpacking this idea and making suggestions on how you can avoid the negative results associated with the constant improvement mindset.

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The Improver Parenting Trap
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