Money Matters - Interview w/Heather Oynes

In today's episode, we interview Heather Oynes on the topic of managing money.  Heather is a pharmacist and financial coach in addition to being a wife and mom.  Topics discuss include: 
  • Importance of parent/child conversations on money
  • "Give save spend" 
  • Combating the idea that entrepreneurship is not financially safe 
  • Spender vs Saver Mindsets 
  • A budget is a spending plan
  • Justin & Heather's Dave Ramsey journeys
  • Marriage and money - the importance of values and communication around money
  • Difference between Financial Advisor and Coach 
"...even if you're arguing about money, that's better than ignoring the topic..." 
"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went."
" issues are really vision, values, and goals issues." 

Money Matters - Interview w/Heather Oynes
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